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Beginners HIIT Question

I have low endurance (for now)
And to much fat (for now)
I used to run five miles a day (twenty years ago)
I have been walking twenty minutes(briskly) every other day for a little over a week.
No weight training , yet.
To make the most out of my walks, how do I do the high intensity intervals?
Today I chose two 25 yard jogs within my walking. Even though I am just beginning I want to know what my goal should be and work towards it.

Hey wishin,

You need to set your goals! We can only encourage you or whip your ass to get you there.

Your doing something which is a start. Set a big goal and then set a bunch of mini bench marks along the way to gage progress.


I do intervals in several ways and all seem to be giving me great results so far.

I use a stationary bike and do sprints. 1 min full out on a high resistance setting, 1 minute low resistance setting to recoup and typically repeat this 10 times.

For running I would think its similar, sprint for a time then walk and repeat this for about 20-30 minutes.

Also - have a look at that Tabata thread, I am going to start doing this workout once a week.



You might find it hard doing HIIT 20 years on and out of shape, but the improvement will come.

You could make your walks harder. Walk uphill, swing your arms. Find yourself a flight of stairs ?.

Doing more jogs per walk is good. As your conditioning improves you can step it up a level.

You could try sprinting 10 seconds, walking back to where you started, and repeating.

The Tabata protocol was devised to stress Olympic standard ice skaters. Keep it real, and obtainable, and you’ll progress