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Beginner's Diet

New to the 'Nation here, but I’ve been lurking for a almost two weeks now. I don’t think I have ever been this inspired since I started making exercise a part-time hobby a few years back.

By part time, I mean I would do weight training with a trainer for a few weeks, get off the wagon for whatever reason, get back on, back off…yada yada. I’m sure you’ve heard it all before.

Anyway, I am back on, and pumped. I read throught the nutrition for newbies articles and here is the daily diet guidelines I came up with:


Weight: 163lb/73KG
Height 5’6"/168CM
29 years old

BMR of 1720,
DEE factor of 1.6 (training four days/week)
DEE = 2752
6 meals per day

I’d like to gain mass, so I’ve got an caloric surplus of 10-20% per day, giving me a low end of 3027 Calories and a high end of 3302 calories.

I’ve got an Edomorphic body and would like to try the low-carb approach, as outlined in the article.

That gives me 204-244 grams of protein/day (815-978 Calories)
221-232 grams of Fat (1991-2092 Calories), with only 30g carbs/day.

What I am interested in getting people’s feedback on is whether or not my carbs are too low. As I’ve discovered, the trace carbs in a small side of veggies covers the 5grams/30Calories I get per meal. That seems so low! Have I missed something?

I’ve had for meals (as an example):

-Four eggs, 1/2C 1% cottage cheese and 1 small avocado
-150g roast chicken (no skin) drizzled with 3TBSP olive oil and five small carrot sticks and four radishes
-160g Flank Steak with 130g of steamed broccoli (Ok I “cheated” on that meal)

I take a multi vitamin everyday, and one serving of Progressive Nutrition’s Greens powder. Should I be doing anything else regarding vegetables/vitamins? Should I be taking a fiber supplement?

I appreciate anyone taking the time to either answer any of my questions, or comment on the numbers I came up with. Or even crack a joke at me…I’ve seen you’ve gotta have some thick skin out here…

Thanks everyone, I’ll be soaking up as much as I can from these forums. They are so Motivating!