Beginners Cycle...


Im considerating a cycle for muscle definition, muscle gains and fat loss.

Im 26 years old, lifing weights since I was 16, 3 last years very serious.

Im 215 pounds, bodyfat 15%,well build, arms approx 16 1/2 inces. Chest approx 46 inches, waist 35 inches.

I wanna build more mass on arms and chest, approx 10 pounds of quality muscle but also lower the bodyfatt in the progress. I dont have any rush putting the mass on me, I rater take the time.

Im considerating a cycle of either Equipoise and Testo E or Equipoise and Masteron for the job.
I dont have experience with steroids but read alot, anabolics 06, laymans guide etc…

Does anyone have experience with stacking these drugs together`?

How much should I use since this is my first cycle?

I was thinking something like this:

M: Equipoise 150mg Testo E 150mg

T: Equipoise 150mg Testo E 150mg

Or should I go for 400mg a week pr drug?



pretty much everyone here will tell you to go with Test only for your first cycle.

Maybe some proviron part way and adex if you are scared of estrogen sides.

Something like

W 1-12 TestE 500mg/w
W 5-14 Proviron 50mg/d
W 1-14 adex 0.25mg/d (optional)

Start PCT at week 15 whatever it may be (taper or clomid/nolva).

This will put on a lot more than 10lbs though.

go with 500mg e/w of Test for 10-12 weeks your first cycle and grow. save the eq for next time around when you have some idea of how your body responds to test. good luck


Well, thats the problem with testo, some people i know have gained over 50pounds with testo, most water though but anyways its freaking lot.

Like I stated, I dont need to gain that much, lean mass thats all.
Im already 215-220 pounds and I wanna go for that fitness look not a big gorilla bodybuilder.

Are there any who have stacked eq and testo together?

Or eq and masteron for that matter?

I do have hair issues on my mothers side, both my older brothers are bald so Masteron is a risky choice, but then again, with masteron I dont need Nolva. anyone experienced hair loss with mas?


Test E

250 - 500 weeks for 10 weeks

Simple and effective

Your diet will control the bloat.

Test only should be your first cycle.

You seem to be wanting some very specific things from your cycle, things that have little to do with the gear, and everything to do with your diet and training.

No one can tell you exactly what your cycle will be like. You control that. If you can diet and train effectively, then the gear will help you accelerate your gains, and hit you goals faster.

If you want the gear to do all the work for you, you will be very disappointed.

I agree with everything above. However, it should be noted that for a small pure muscle gain and potential leaning out as well. A Tren based cycle might just be the perfect fit. Many will not advise this for a rookie. But, that does not detract from the fact that its true.

BTW, to the OP. Best thing for gaining mass in Chest and Arms is Squats and Deadlifts.