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Beginner's Cycle

Im 21 years old, 5’7" and 145 pounds and around 12% bodyfat. i want to getting leaner before i start bulking. I was going to take 500mg daily of test along with 50 mg winstrol, and 300 mg deca. Is that good first cycle. I have also heard that i should use test for a week before i start anything else or should i just jump into it? How long until i start to see some results from this cycle? i know you guys are most likely going to tell me to not do any of it but if i was going to is this a good start?

thank you!

145 and you want to get smaller? Why turn to anabolics before you even start lifting?

this is probably gonna sound stupid but ive been lifting for about 2 years now and ive had little to no results. i want to try this cycle out, then next cycle i was thinking about using dbol

It does sound stupid … You can’t get from 145 to 150 even despite the limitless information the internet has to offer about that very subject. You’ve got a lot of potential in you to get bigger and stronger just by lifting and learning proper nutrition. I don’t even use anabolics but I can tell from your post what everyone else here will tell you - there are a million first cycle threads on here EVERY DAY so at least read a few of them and try to get educated.

I CAN tell you that since you apparently didn’t take the time to learn how to train or eat, drugs can only do so much for you. Most likely lead you back here in 3 years wondering why your dick doesn’t work and why your body is all messed up because you didn’t bother to learn about PCT.

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If you have to include this disclaimer, I think you already know the answer.

Let’s go back to the drawing board here. You’ve been lifting for 2 years. If you’re still 145 pounds after lifting for 2 years, there are likely some issues that need to be fixed before anabolic steroids become a factor.

  1. What, exactly, did you eat yesterday? How representative was that of a normal day?
  2. What, exactly, have you been doing training-wise for the last six months?

Because more often than not, guys who have “been lifting for about 2 years with little to no results” are making major diet and training fuckups that anabolics will not cure. if you are neither eating properly nor training properly, those need to be squared away first.

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i think my diet and training is in check. for breakfast i had 8 egg whites, 1/2 cup of oatmeal, light and fit greek yogurt, 100 grams of blueberries, and 125 grams of strawberrys. For lunch i had 8 ounces of chicken 200 grams of potatoes and some barbaque sauce that was my post workout meal. i had some snack inbetween which was 200 grams of broccoli and 200 grams of carrots, a banana, and a peanut butter sandwich.i had a weird dinner last night i had 1 cup of oatmeal, and 3 whole eggs. i did chest yesterday i did 5x5 flat bench press, 8-10 incline db, overhead rope extention, v bar pushdowns, and cable crossover.

your results would suggest otherwise, would they not?

You ate almost A THOUSAND grams of fruits and vegetables and 8 ounces of meat … You can’t be serious…

at the end of the day i still hit 175 grams of protein though so i dont need anymore meat

i understand you guys are just trying to tell me to do it naturally and just eat and train but can i please just get a straight forward answer to my question?

A first cycle consisting of test, winny and deca will give you great gains in the form of a shit load of side effects

what if i just run test for my first cycle with nothing else

Noone on this forum has any stock in whether you are natural or not. You are missing the point why people may react harshly to your question… Its like asking if a right hook would be a good punch for you to use to knockout Mike Tyson. Theoretically, YES it is. But at the end of the day you are still 145 pounds and don’t know how to f*cking box so good luck when he punches you back.


much less risk of side effects, so instead of side effect gains you just get no gains.

I don’t mean to be a cunt but based on what you have said here you would be best to forget about using steroids for the time being. They will only do you harm at the moment.

You are quite young and i would only be for AAS use at your age for individuals that are far beyond the average gym specimen.

that said its your body - If you deiced to do it please make sure you have a proper plan including adex and HCG during your cycle and Nolvadex OR Clomid for your PCT.

If you are not familiar with these drugs then that should be a massive warning sign to you and as i said you will hurt yourself and are not ready for AAS.

uh, i don’t think so.

the easiest way for us to understand your frame frame would be a pic or something…

Get your testosterone levels tested. Consult with some guys much bigger than you on diet and training. Personally I think that if you’re healthy you could gain 50lbs more naturally before needing to cycle. Adding juice isn’t going to help if you’re not already doing everything right. A lot of people have wasted their money that way, because steroids are not magic.

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That is exactly what you should do, aside from ancillaries (AI and hCG) and PCT.

haha, that’s a brilliant analogy

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If you are not gaining weight, increase your calories. Make a chart that has your weight, body fat %, and calories consumed. Increase your proteins, healthy fats, and clean carbs. Stay away from the junk food. Start by increasing your calories by 250-400 per day. Try that for a month. If you have not gained a pound of muscle or two increase your food a little more. At your age you may likely add more than that. I personally like slow increases in calories becouse if I make big jumps in my caloric intake my bf% makes big jumps as well. If you can not game weight you are not eating enough or maybe you have a tape worm. Stay a way from the gear for atleast 4 more years. Most guys don’t stop growing until around 25 anyways.

Learn how to eat first