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Beginner's Cycle Recommendation

I’m 23y/o and about to finish my second cycle that looks like this…

Wk 1-15 Test Cyp @ 800mg split twice p/week
Wk 1-6 Dbol @ 50mg ED
Wk 8-13 Hexadrone @ 100mg ED
Wk 8 - 13 Stanodrol @ 300mg ED
Wk 6 start MK677 @ 30mg ED in the AM
Adex @ 0.5mg EOD

Nolva @ 40/30/20/20
Cardarine @ 20mg ED for 3 months
Iron Labs PCT Xtreme
Continue the MK677 @ 30mg ED for 3 months

I have gone from 107kg to 120kg while losing a few % body fat and with very little water retention, lifting heavy for an hour 6 times a week with minimal cardio. Feeling much stronger, been eating lots of clean food with 250g a day protein. No alcohol or drugs and plenty of liquids.

I’d recommend this cycle to any beginner with a similar weight to me, I’ve had zero sides thanks to taurine (for back pumps), an all in one on cycle support and tons of cod liver oil. This is the second time I have done this exact cycle but last time I didn’t use Hexadrone or Stanodrol, I only used this time to help dry me out towards the end of the cycle.

I hope I will keep most the gains again due to the Cardarine and MK677 not allowing a spike in cortisol. I only lost 1 - 2kg after finishing PCT last time and was not disappointed at all.

The PCT Xtreme is totally unnecessary, as is the cardarine. The latter is dangerous and the former is a waste of money.

Is there any reason why the ingredients it contains such as DAA (which are proven to raise natural test production) would not help during PCT? I understand it might be a bit overkill but money isn’t an issue and every little helps when it comes to keeping the hard earned gains.

As for Cardarine, I have used it on many occasions for cardio and endurance reasons, so why not throw it in to help between cycles which is when I do more cardio to try to look after my heart and lungs. I have heard of a few people using it for PCT with success and it seems to work for me too.

You cannot possibly say you care about your heart and lungs within the same sentence as cardarine usage. That does not compute.

As far as DAA while using SERM(s) it is superfluous. Do what you want with your money, but it’s not a best use of your resources. That was all I was saying.

I can’t ignore this.

Iron labs pct extreme $30 80 pills per bottle 2 pill per serving for a total of 20 servings per bottle with how’s its reccomendednyou take it one bottle will last a month

DAA the only real ingredient in iron labs pct extreme that has been shown to possibly ever so slightly raise natural testosterone production if taken for 30+ days in high amounts is listed on your iron labs pct extreme under “proprietary blends” with a list of other bullshit ingredients. Not only this the proprietary blend total is 1,010mg per serving. This is broken down between about 8-10 ingredients.

Nutricost DAA off Amazon $14 with a 180 capsules 4 caps per serving 45 (servings) day supply.

The reccomended daily serving for testosterone increase of 3 grams (3000mg) taken over the day. Something you are getting no where close to in the iron labs crap.

People need to learn how to read labels and understand how the supplement industry works. I’m all for over the counter supplements but I’m not ok with “proprietary blends” they take the accountability off the company for a reason and I don’t like when other people reccomend they waste their money on bullshit just because you did.

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Thank you for your feedback, but the amount of DAA in each cap is 1000mg and the dose is 4 caps/3 caps/2 caps/1 cap. So for the first week I’m taking 4000mg which is actually more than what is apparently nessessary. In the future though I will have a look into buying pure DAA as you mentioned.

First of all that’s impossible. The serving size is 2 capsules this means that everything on the label is based on the content of 2 capsules. So in 2 capsules there is 1010mg of a “proprietary blend”

Further more you have absolutely no idea how much of what of that blend is daa.

You just pulled that 1000mg number out of your ass.

Oh and further more daa was shown to possibly raise natural test levels a very small percentage in people who already had fully functioning testicals. When you begin pct your testicals are not functioning fully at all. And nothing about daa will help start the functioning of your testicals. This is what nolva is for.

Now if you said I use a pure daa supplement for when my nolva pct is over I can try and increase my natural production slightly then that might be a good idea. But regardless the very slight increase daa will over won’t make any difference whatsoever in what gains you do or don’t keep

Don’t get defensive bro im simply trying to help you save money and learn a little bit about the shady side of the supplement industry

OK thank you, regarding the Cardarine - I have been using the remainder of a big bottle I had from before I took the plunge and started using real gear. When it runs out I won’t be buying again due to having access to the proper stuff now. But I am curious about what you said about it being bad for the lungs and heart, if you have time could you please give me some info because their isn’t a lot out there.

I don’t have the bottle with me since as I’m at work but I know that it shows each individual ingredients dosage separately, but what you just said makes sense and I’m in no way getting defensive. I’m a newbie to all this so I’m actually quite thankful that you took the time to give advise. For next time I will avoid it altogether but as I said I think it was a bit overkill.

Cardarine was being studied—by real, actual grownup pharma companies—as a weight loss drug. And it works! So why is it not a $3,000,000,000 drug on the market today? Because it caused insane cancer growth in mice. Now you can do what most bros do and cite the dose used by said mice and then extrapolate it out to a human, but that is not how it works. Human equivalent dosage that caused cancer in that trial is somewhere in the neighborhood of 24mg/d.

Common sense tells you that this stuff is dangerous. A weight loss drug that genuinely works should be worth a fortune if it’s even remotely close to being safe to take. Obesity is an epidemic in the United States. The FDA would jump at the chance to approve a drug that can safely aid in curbing this problem. The fact that major pharma walked away from this compound and nobody has ever picked it up again tells you that the red flags were to be taken seriously.


OK makes sense, I read about the mice trials but never knew they had done trails with humans. Was that a recent study?

There were no human trials. The trials with mice were so bad that they halted the whole thing. That tells you something.

This is the back of the bottle.

They list the exact amounts of the dirt cheap vitamins etc but the more expensive things they list under proprietary blend for a reason so they can fill it with the cheap shit and still claim it has the more expensive stuff in it

That’s the one I have, apologies I was wrong about 1000mg per cap it is in fact 1000mg per 4 caps.

I must have had and old version Google imaged

It is much better they have everything listed.

But as you see there is only 1000mg per serving (4 capsules)

So unless you take 12 caps a day the daa in this supplement isn’t really doing the intended purpose and if you are your will go thru a bottle in 6 days.

So that’s about $120 a month you would spend to reap the slight benefits of daa using this supplement

I guess you’re right but doing so would mean taking too much of the other ingredients such as zinc and magnesium which might not be so good

He’s not saying you should take 12/day. He’s pointing out how inefficient the product is compared to buying the active ingredient on Amazon for a fraction of the price. That’s probably a waste of money as well but at least it’s less money.

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Obviously I’m not going to take 12 in one go haha

Does anybody have any feedback on the fact I started using Hexedrone and Stanodrol after just two weeks of coming off the Dbol? I was hoping someone would critique it rather than just my PXT, I know they are non-methylated compounds but still cause somewhat of a stress to the liver. It seems to be working well though and the colour of my urine is normal.

Well stanodrol looks like it’s some dubious bullshit, and hexedrone is kind of a club drug. So I don’t know what to even say about that.

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