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Beginners Cycle for Test En and Tren En Suggestions


Looking for suggestions with tren en and test en dosage amounts?
I’m 35 years old, very active 6’1, 170 lbs. My diet is great and at the present time I’m pretty lean. Im on a bulking diet and watch my macros pretty religiously. Ive never used any steroids prior. Any advice would be appreciated. (I don’t need help with my diet or lifting routine. Please, just steroid info. Thanks.)


I’d stick with Test for first cycle. Lots of info on here about other member’s cycles. Make sure you have a reputable source and use an AI during the cycle and also for PCT.

Tren has some side effects that you should be aware of. For me it was sweating like a pig at night, to the point of saturating my sheets. Plus my wife didnt like me while on Tren and has banned it from the house. I also got insanely hungry and it essentially turned me into a hypoglycemic, where I’d feel nauseous the minute my blood sugar dropped. On the other hand, I was able to eat like a teenager, pretty much any calories you put in your mouth will turn to muscle.


holy hell dude. you’re not just pretty lean. you’re a fucking skeleton. What are your goals? There’s no way you should be taking steroids right now if it’s just to add lean mass. You should be able to do that naturally almost as quickly as with steroids at your level. Unless you’re just CRAZY lean and being modest. what are your lifts like?


I’m pretty fucking lean. I have to eat myself uncomfortable to put on weight. My deadlift is currently 405, squat is 275, bench is 275. Just started hitting legs twice a week. I have a fighters physique


These numbers…

…would suggest otherwise.

Basically, you’re an average-sized, beginner-to-intermediate-strength male. The idea that you are above the need for help with your diet and training, but ONLY in need of steroids to make gains, strains credibility. Dozens of people on these forums alone have advanced beyond your current strength and size level without turning to steroids.

You don’t need to learn to use steroids. You need to actually eat and train properly, and accept that after a little while this shit gets hard. How long have you been lifting?


To echo activities guy these numbers are not that high. These are 10 RM, for some natural guys. #RoughnecksUnite


tren is a pretty strong steroid
i would suggest you try tren A not tren E
in case you can’t handle the side effect so that you have to stop cycle
tren A would leave your body faster
in other hand
if you have bad gene to bulk
deca maybe would help you much more than tren


Alright here we go… 6’1 and 170 is skinny!!! You say you don’t need help with a diet/training routine… Well… it all kinda works together so it is helpful if you include stuff like that. It’s a puzzle and ya gotta have all the pieces to put it together. How many calories are in your “bulking” diet? It doesn’t seem like enough.
I am also 6’1. I was at 175 when I started training. I trained and ate everything under the sun to gain weight. With that being said… I think you have alot more you can do naturally before you get on some gear.

Now… Tren is a big boy compound. It is extremely hard on the body. I suggest you don’t run it on your first cycle. I did it for mine so I am speaking from experience. The sides were pretty wicked!!! IF you do get on gear, I’d start off with just Test and maybe something lighter than Tren.