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Beginner's Cycle at 17?


Hello everybody I'm Adrian and I am 17 years old, I'm an amateur rugby player playing for my province until I got a shoulder injury and I also want to become a fitness model or personal trainer.

I have been training since I was 15 with my diet not being on point until I hit 16 that is when I really started to clean up my diet and do clean bulks and cuts, I have put on quite a bit of muscle and I think I may be ready for a small beginners cycle to enhance my rugby playing abilities and to lean out. I am taking all advice even advice that says I shouldn't do the cycle, I would just like to hear some thoughts from experienced users.

Test e - 500mg/wk week 1-12
Dbol 25mg a day (can be adjusted) 1-4

Would love to hear thoughts and what not. Cheers


This is gonna be fun.

But seriously, I'd wait till your 20 - 21. Besides the physique you want you could reach it after a few cycles so why rush?


Alright taking a mental note, but one question any reason to wait until I'm 20-21 or is it because my hormones are already still raging?


Do your self a favor and just lift some damn weights, eat well and forget about AAS for now. You will grow w/ out AAS I can promise you that.


Your hormones are not raging. Look at pubertal bloodwork. It always shows a steady climb with sometimes a small boost at the beginning because of an LH surge. 17 years old, my guess, 450 ng/dl.
The plateau still shows slight increases until 25-29.


Post you hergiht, weight, your maxes on bench squat and deadlift, and your BF approximately. Better yet, post videos of your maxes (or you best videos) and some current photos of you. At 17, you sure as hell don't need steroids, especially this one you laid out if you want to be a better rugby player.


Right now I can't but I will definitely do so when I get the chance, I am doing GVT right now as I have hit a plateau that I need to blast through.

My height at the moment is 5'7 I am 145lbs 9% bf around maybe 10% it was a lot better than when I was 15, back then I was only 105lbs 14% bf so I have improved greatly.

P.S What type of AAS would you recommend to gain some size but remain fast and agile, if there is no such one I think I will just stick with Dbol and Test E for now.


What do you recommend I do, the majority seems to lean towards me not doing the AAS and just waiting until I get a bit older with more lifting experience, thoughts?


No where near ready for anabolics. Lay out your macros.


Thankyou guys for the replies as well, I am definitely leaning towards not doing the cycle and just eating more and working out harder.

Cheers , Adrian


If you get a higher calorie count and then divide up your proteins/carbs/fats appropriately you will explode. 1.5- 2 grams of protein per pound bodyweight is probably going to be a guarrantee for you to build muscle given your bodyweight. If its clean foods it will be lean gains. Cheers and good job being wise mate.


Good boy.

You will be amazed how much size and strength you can attain at your age with just proper training and diet.


I don't have a full thing with everything put on it, but this is how my meals go.

Morning I start off with a bit of protein and carbs (eggs and toast some ham or bacon) then I take my multivit, fish oil and other sups.

I eat my second meal 3 hours after, that usually entails some fruits and veggies and one chicken breast nothing to big.

third meal is 3 hours after by now its probably 1 pm I eat some carbs and protein. Whole grain pasta, some fats (olive oil) and chicken or sausage with it.

4th and 5th and 6th meal are just rice, chicken and leafy greens. I can intake around 3000 calories a day.

Is that what you were asking for??


Man please listen to me. I was 16 when I did my first cycle and 17 for my second. I made great gains won't lie was pretty strong and a very big kid for that age. But please take this to heart man. I fucked my self up completely Now I'm 22 years old and if I don't stay on atleast a TRT dose I feel like complete dog shit, lose strength, and size pretty quickly mostly due to the insane lack of will to do anything when I am off because my Test levels drop so fucking low. All because I was stupid and didn't take the advice of the guys on boards here and very much more knowledgeable people I knew personally. If your in for the long haul man stay natural for a few more years atleast kill it get up to at least 185lbs naturally before turning to gear. Your way to small and under developed at this time to be running AAS you can easily gain weight and strength at your size naturally. Take your time come back in a few years and them we can learn how to use a needle.


Reed. Beautifully put.


Please don't call me boy haha :wink: but srs I will just stick to being natty for now.


Good man, wise choice.


Steroids are to a large degree a one way process. Once you start there is no going back to being natural. Tattoos, psychedelic drugs, kinky sex, and steroids are best left until your twenties at least. They are always there when you are ready. Enjoy being a kid for a bit longer.


I hear what your're saying man, the kinky sex though too late mm mm mm gotta appreciate when you score a freak in bed. Anyways haha I don't know the reason for even asking is I'm at a point where gear looks so good kinda like say candy to a baby know what I mean, but hey though I can just do them later when I mature a bit I hope to join the dark side soon;). Cheers


Lol...you're 17...you have no idea what a freak in bed is.

That's why I called you a boy lol...bc you're 17.

Enjoy being a kid while you can.