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Beginnerish, Advice?


Hey Guys,
I'm relatively new to lifting, or at least new to knowing what I'm actually doing in the gym. I'm a soph. in college, 20 years old, weigh around 160, about 5'10, 5'11. I've been doing all sorts of different programs from WS4SB, individual muscle days, and now I'm doing Starting Strength but I haven't been getting much bigger and I've been doing it for about 3 or 4 weeks already. I am somewhat impatient with results, but does anyone have any advice or motivation? Thanks guys.



advice? how about try not to be so impatient!

did you expect to get massive with 3-4 weeks of starting strength?


Seriously. Come back in 3-4 MONTHS...then we'll talk.


Come back in 1 year and Ill have a little chat with you.
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make sure you eat enough

if you lift with enough intensity, the only way you won't be getting any results (regardless of the program you're on) is if you are sabotaging yourself with inadequate diet

when you don't gain weight over a period of 3-4 weeks, you need to eat more


I eat a shit ton of food when I'm at school, that's the thing. A day would go like this but depending on what the dining hall was serving it would vary somewhat, but the dining hall always has a large variety of selection.
Breakfast 830: 2 or 3 eggs, whole wheat toast or a toasted bagel w/ c.c., a banana or other fruit and choco milk.
Snack 1 11: A bagel or pb sandwich w/ yogurt and milk
Lunch 130-2: Grilled or Baked Chicken or some sort of meat or fish, salad or other vegetables.
Dinner 5-530: Depends on what they have on the menu but mostly steak, with a salad or greens, and a little pasta.
Snack 8-830: PB sandwich yogurt and chocolate milk.
Sometimes another Snack 1030 -11: Same as previous.

What should I change? I go back to school this Sunday so I'll be back to that eating regimen.


Log your actual food intake. "I eat a shit ton" is not a proper quantitative measurement. Lots of people that think they are eating enough are not. There are plenty of websites around that you can use to track your calories. When you are consistently eating a 500-1000 calorie surplus you will grow. No buts about it.


Alright, thanks guys for the help I appreciate it


These two statements are a combination for slow progress. Stick to one program for 12-16 weeks, at least. By hopping from program to program, you're not letting yourself reap the benefits of consistent training.

The guys are right, you're simply being impatient and it sounds like you're overestimating the progress you think you "should" be making. But that leads to my next questions...

Exactly how much weight have you gained in four weeks? How much were you "expecting" to gain?

In four weeks, exactly how much has your strength improved on the five basic Starting Strength lifts?

Make sure you're getting enough protein. Without it, you'll have trouble adding muscle. For example, with any meal that doesn't contain meat, like with all your snacks, try adding in one scoop of a good protein powder. Based on the type of menu you laid out, I'd be surprised if you're getting much more than 100 grams right now.

Other than that, as was said, just be patient and consistent and track your progress with pics and/or once-a-week weigh-ins. And like I said, stick with the plan for another 12 weeks or so, while charting your progress along the way.


Eat the above times 2 (or at least 1.5). I may not be the best person to listen too, but I added about 15 pounds in 3 months and eating was a freaking chore when I did it, so keep that in mind.


3 eggs in the morning aint shit