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Hi I’m new to weight-lifting and currently i’m kinda on the chubby side. And i’ve been readin up abt all these training methods like hypertrophy and all. But i dunno what i should do, should i try to lose my ‘extra fats’ first or go ahead and weight-lift and include cardio? And for beginners, is hypertrophy a good idea?
So many questions, so little muscles.

As a beginner, you’ll more than likely be able to put on muscle as you lose fat. Run searches for the following articles and read them all:

  1. Beginner’s Blastoff Program
  2. T-Dawg 2.0 Diet
  3. Anything by John Berardi

Personally I think losing the fat before packing on the muscles is the best way to go. If not for anything but ego. As you see your musculature develop and you start to get more and more cut, it’ll keep you going to the gym for more and more punishment every day. Then once you start seeing your arms, legs, abs etc. with great muscle tone you’ll just change your goals to pack on more.

This is what kept me going to the gym every day…well that and a couple of cute girls.

Im sorry. I couldnt resist. Is hypertrophy good for a beginner? hahahahahha. Im glad your here. Read EVERYTHING.

Goldberg: Nice and subtle. (I fought to avoid the joke too)

It’s the “extra fats” that got me. I’ve got some of that. Anyone want it?

If you’re a bit chubby now, eat a diet taking in slightly fewer calories than you burn (maybe 85% of maintenance level, or 500 calories less than maintenance). If you’re a beginning, you don’t have to go for some fancy-schmancy oscillating super-volume contracting hypertrophy intensity program. . .just do a solid routine that works your major muscle groups hard, and you can do the fancy routines after you have some more experience and understanding with lifting and your body.

Read (do a search on): The Essential Berardi (this has links to his “Massive Eating” and “Don’t Diet” diets…I think these are the best not-too-complicated diets for gaining mass and losing fat, although you may have to adjust downward from JB’s caloric intake recommendations), and The MRP Diet (very helpful if you have trouble eating every 3 hours during work.)

If you’re chubby and try to overeat to put on muscle, you’ll put on muscle and fat. If you undereat slightly to lose fat, you’ll lose fat pretty easily. Once you’re skinnier, when you overeat to put on muscle, you’ll put on more muscle and less fat.

Good luck!

Personally, I’d say lift heavy and low volume 5x5 or less at 80%+ of your 1 RM.

And do HIIT.

That way, when you’re cut up, you’re also strong enough to actually gain some significant muscle.

Joel Marion’s Ripped Rugged and Dense
Christian Thibadeau’s Running Man
Mike Mahler’s High Octane Cardio

 Hostyle huh? 

 You say you're a beginner, and that you have little muscles. I believe you.

 That said, why would you want anything else than have big muscles as opposed to little muscles?

  Definitely train for hypertrophy. You should have no other goal at this point in time. Getting lean and ripped will have to wait for later. 

  I wont go into how to do this, as Im sure these guys have already given you sound advice (I didnt read their replies).

  Good luck!