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i guess by judging from my 2 pics in the photo gallery u would prolly come to the conclusion im a begginer. Ive been working out for 9 months strait…thanxs to u guys and tmag lol. Im about 160-163? and 5`11. 9 months ago i started the t-dawg diet, im still on it… I need some advice badly. im looking to get big. im around 9.9999% body fat.

Ive been to the faqs and im familiar to everything i gotta know. Im thinking about bulking but i need a diet and a plan. I work out every other day, but i wouldnt mind a 4 day split. I used to take steriods but they made me slower on rest days~~but thats a whole different story…my younger days lol. um i take met-rx protein powder, grow and im thinking about maybe getting crentine.
can anyone help me with some advice?..im prolly gonna get burnt for writing this lol

You’ve been working out for all of nine months and you “used to take steriods [sic]”?!? You’ve been on the same diet for nine months?!? You’ve been on a CUTTING diet when you say that you want to gain weight?!?

And you have the absolute gall, the totally fucking unbridled temerity to come on THIS board and say that you know everything you need to know???


(Rolls off his chair laughing, then sits on the floor, racked by the occasional fit of coughing…)

Dude, go back to school. Go learn something. Please.

The only ‘simon’ I see in the photo gallery is a 14 y/o. I’m assuming that’s not you…?

Get a big mug of coffee, hit the previous issues, and start reading…I am sure U can figure out from the titles what articles to start on first…good luck

Dude, what are you thinking taking steroids at your age?! Do yourself a favor and don’t even think about 'roids for another ten years, and, while you’re at it, forget about supplements too. You’re already on steriods because you’re only 14. Start eating, and eating big, and keep lifting. Don’t be afraid to ask questions around here, but, for God’s sake, think about them before you post.

As I was reading, well okay, deciphering, this post I got about half way through and decided that if “simon” didn’t want to take the time to write a legitimate, understandable post, I didn’t have time to finish it or respond. Then I saw C. Dawg had posted a reply and I knew it was gonna be ugly, LOL Herc

“im around 9.9999% body fat”

Anybody else see anything wrong with using ‘about’ to describe a number to an accuracy on the order of 1/10,000?

Also, have you actually read the t-dawg diet or did you just see the foods listed and start eating. Because your are trying to gain weight, you should not be on anything like the t-dawg.

I’m not even gonna touch the steroid thing!


So much for the old “anyone can get big on steroids” adage!

Seriously, though: how does a 14-year old afford steroids? In most states, you can’t even get a work permit until you’re 15. Was he buying deca with the money from a lemonade stand? Allowance? This crap absolutely amazes me…

Every time I read a post by “simon” I don’t know whether I should laugh my ass off, get really pissed, or be really afraid. Bottom line is, you are lazy. You come on here expecting people to give you some magical routine and diet that will get you big. You claim to have taken steroids, though you were probably just mistaking the Flintstone vitamins your Mom gave you. Quit looking for the easiest or simplest way to get bigger, because the fact is, it doesn’t exist. Years of hard work and dedication is what it takes. Now go eat, lift, and read your ass off and quit making us all dumber with your ridiculous posts.

ROIDS: Its in your past so let it stay in your past.
FOOD: Eat alot of it.Your skinny, your 14.Just eat alot of food, but not junk. Basic sense here: high=protein good, anything from
SUPPLEMENTS: NONE. Save your money. Please refer to FOOD.
TRAINING: Keep your workouts under an hour!!! Somehow I get the feeling that you train 2 hours a day+cardio. Keep your sets per workout under 20. (not sets per muscle group)

DONT: read FLEX or Muscle and Fitness.You can read Muscle Mag International, but only for the swimsuit pics! ONLY FOR THE T & A CONTENT. DO NOT READ ANYTHING ELSE OR YOUR BRAIN WILL TURN TO MUSH! more so…

AND: read what relates to you on this site. There is plenty of FREE information about basic training and nutrition on this site, you just have to look for it. Just because you’ve worked out for a year doesnt mean you’re advanced.

Listen to your elders here. While some simply want to make fun of you, some will realise that you are a beginner and give you good advice.

“Now I wanna sniff some glue”

Damn, Simon! What did you do to THESE guys???!!!

I’m just not feelin’ the LOVE, Bro!!!

Now…one big deep, mushy GROUP HUG for simon!!!

Let the flaming begin by God!! It’s gettin Hot in herrrr.

So the 14-year old dude in the forum is this same guy, and has used 'roids? Mein Gott!

Actually, I feel kind of bad about my post now. I didn’t realize that Simon was the 14-year-old over on the Pic Forum…

Okay, here’s the modified version:

Simon, you’re 14. Like it or not, you simply haven’t had time to really acquire much knowledge yet - I don’t care how smart you are, it’s a matter of time in the game. Hate to say it, but most of the people on this board have forgotten more about bodybuilding than you’ve learned yet, so it strikes us as a bit impertinent when you say that you know everything you need to know. No one knows that much. No one.

Okay, here’s the advice that you wanted:

Start with T-mag issue 1 and begin reading. Read EVERY article in EVERY issue that’s been published so far - that should keep you busy for at least two years. When you finish, start over and read them again, because by that time your body will have changed enough that they will make new sense to you. Repeat as necessary after that.

And for god’s sake, proofread your damn post next time. No one likes an illiterate. Do you want to sound like a complete idiot? Didn’t think so.

Now go back into the gym and lift. And start keeping a food log so that you know how many calories you’re eating per day on average. Once you know that number, increase it by 10% EVERY day and you will gain some weight. When the gains stop, re-calculate your intake and make another increase. Repeat as necessary. THIS is the way to build a quality body - time in the gym and at the dinner table - not fooling around with steroids.

I apologize for the tone of my first post. But now you know: it pays to be just a bit humble around here (and in life in general).

Good luck.

Alright, well heres the plan - cut the met-rx out. You just don’t need to spend your money on it. Stick with the grow for now, and then take all the money you are going to save on supplements and illegal drugs and buy FOOD. Lots, and lots, and lots of food. You’d be surprised how much you actually need to eat if you cut out the junk food from your caloric requirements. I’m 194lbs and go through, in a month… about 7lbs of protein powder a month… but more importantly… at least 48 eggs, quite a bit of cheese, at least 384oz of cottage cheese, god only knows how much frozen veggies (20lbs?), and a peanut butter intake that would give the dancing peanut guy a case of hysterics (2lbs a week… roughly). Add into that a lot of oils and other foods. You start by eating healthfully, and get a sense of the quantities you are REALLY eating, not just what it feels like. Then you take that info and modify your diet in relation to it, and you will get as big as your body is willing to let you.

You're 14 - you've got hormones working in your favor, and you've already stumbled upon this goldmine. Take advantage of those 2 things and life should be good.

Based on your steroid experience, I have a piece of ocean front property in Arizona for sale.