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Hi There my name is Tracy im just starting out and im really overwhelmed with all the information i have read online about routines and diets carbs vs Protein. I have just started out i have never lifted weights EVER! but I really would like to start and get strong because well I have a lot to get strong for ...

I have a daughter and id like her to have a healthy body image and eat the right foods and do the right things to achieve that and basically that starts with me because i am her role model.

So to give everyone a basic break down about 3 years ago I was seriously depressed and lost almost all my body fat I dropped down to 100 pds and it was basically out of control i just couldnt look at food. since then i have gained weight and i believe im at a healthier place mentally and have gotten myself back up to 145 I feel a little heavier then id like to be at the moment as i think my ideal weight should be at 135, I have tweaked my eating habits i am consuming a lot more protein ( eating it with basically every meal) lots of fruits veggies and gallons of water lol.

I feel very good i have just started to incorporate some strength training in the form of Squats up to 75 a day increasing by 10 each day, leg extensions and hip thrusts. My problem areas are my lower body legs and glutes, i have a small waist and i dont really have an issue with my upper body.

As i stated im just starting out and getting strong and my goals are to get to where i am lifting weights any advice or recommendations on how I can get to the next level would really help me out and would be so very appreciative.



Bret Contreras has a book called strong curves, it also touches a little on nutrition but not much. Im not an expert but this book has multiple options for working out starting from a complete at home workout if needed and one just for lower body as well if you are wanting stronger glutes and legs. good for all lvls of strength. I am actually doing the glute program now as of this week so we'll see where it takes me. Hope you find a good program for yourself :).


You could also look at Jamie Eason's LiveFit program. Completely free and online and she has some pretty awesome recipes on there as well. She goes through the basics and has a very easy to follow program. My cousin started out her fitness lifestyle with that program and it's done wonders for her.


+1 on that. Jamie Eason's program will be very step-by-step for you, and you'll ove it. I'm a guy and thus have never done her program, but it looks alot like the 12-week daily trainer with Kris Gethin, on bodybuilding.com also. This is a great place to start if you want to create good habits and a lifting base.


Hey, welcome to the world of lifting! The articles on this site are some of the best I've seen as far as being really accurate, so smart choice to start hanging around here. I started lifting with a standard 5/3/1 routine and it helped me really take advantage of the strength gains you get as a newbie. I'd recommend going to strstd and putting in your info, then going with David Tate's Periodization Bible. It's a good program in general but it's AWESOME for when you're just starting out.

I had the same issue with my lower body though and I never really got anywhere until I started doing a sort of PHAT routine for my legs: I go really heavy on squats for maybe 3x5 or 3x3 (make sure you're always going ass to grass - hamstrings should touch calves every time!) and then do some higher rep stuff (still never more than twelve reps per set though) with box jumps, glute-ham raises (or at least the negatives to start with), hyperextensions, and bodyweight squats or pistol squats once you progress enough. For me at least I've had a lot of good results doing that.

So I'd definitely recommend starting out with a 5/3/1 for a few months and then maybe incorporating some of that in? The good part of being new to lifting is that you're going to make a lot of progress right off the bat if you're eating right, resting, and going heavy, so enjoy it!