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Beginner, Would Like Advice on What Direction to Take

Hello, 31 years old male. 178cm, 83kg, around 20% bf I’d say. Here is a picture:

I follow intermittent fasting with one meal post workout at 2pm and another one at 9pm. My macros are the following:
Workout day: 170g prot, 380g carbs, 60g fat, 2750kcal.
Non-workout day: 170g prot, 70g carbs, 110g fat, 1920kcal.

My workout is the following (I’m not detailing everything as I’m french and I don’t know the english names of all the exercices I do), with the stats as of this week:

  • Day 1:
    bench press 4x8 @ 176lbs
    inclined bench press 3x7 @ 132lbs
    inclined dumbbell chest press 3x8 @ 44lbs per hand
    biceps dumbbells inclined curl 4x6 @ 30lbs per hand
    biceps barbell curl 4x6 @ 66lbs
    OHP 4x8 @ 77lbs

  • Day 2:
    pull up 10,7,6 @ BW
    T bar row 3x10 @ 187lbs
    pronated seated cable rows 4x10 @ 110lbs
    barbell lying triceps extension 4x6 @ 66lbs
    dumbbell triceps extension 3x6 @ 30lbs
    dips (on the floor, can’t do the regular ones as I think I have an injured rotary cuff and the pain is horrendous) 3x25

  • Day 3:
    squats 3x7 @ 220lbs
    deadlifts 3x4 @ 242lbs + 1x3 @ 264lbs
    legs press 3x10 @ 373lbs
    calves with legs press 3x9 @ 286lbs

  • Day 5: like day 1 but chin ups (10,9,6 @ BW) instead of dumbbells inclined biceps curls, add 1 or 2 reps to each exercice, or increase weight if rep was 12

  • Day 6: like day 2 and increase reps or weights

I don’t do cardio because it bores me to death, and I do not practice any sports. Although I would like to start a fighting sport, not sure if I would need to adjust my program / diet if I do.

Any critique or tips would be hugely appreciated. Thanks for reading me.

I think you habe a good base to build off. You desperately need thickness through your middle.

I would drop the fasting, eat at maintainance or slightly above. I would do some form of conditioning, it will help in the long run.

You may want to move your leg work to the first day so you can push it harder - or at least dont do back the day before.

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To give critique or tips we need to know what goals and direction you want to take.

Would you like to get to 90kg?
Would you like to get stronger in certain lifts?
Do you want to shred down?

Also what kind of martial arts are you looking to get into? Some schools start off pretty intense and you may want to rethink your ‘i don’t do conditioning’ statement, as it will be much harder in the beginning.

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This stands out as a fairly massive issue regardless of your goal. That’s just not enough food.

To be fair that’s only like two days in a week if I’m reading properly.

When someone tells me eating more will make my lifts go up:

Like MarkKO was on about the only thing eating like this will accomplish is holding you back from making faster gains. You’re still recovering/growing on “off” days. If you restrict calories you’re restricting your body’s ability to recover. This is a tradeoff in a fat loss phase that you need to live with but in a massing phase it’s hurting your gains. Choose one and do it properly.

The only direction is forwards. Get stronger, do more volume, get fitter, get bigger, get leaner, get smarter, get juicier etc. Choose your goals and go.

I know what you mean lel. I do cardio on the stationary bike with a few good youtube videos or an episode of my favourite TV series (Walking Dead is back soon) to pass the time. The time goes by in a flash and the entertainment distracts you from any unpleasant burning sensations in your legs.

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I want to get thicker and much stronger. I’m confortable with my bf, sure in the end I’d need to shred, but I don’t have nearly enough muscles to do so at the moment.

Only two days in a week yes. I think it’s still around 1000kcal à week over maintenance. I tend to put on fat quite easily so that’s why I don’t want to eat too much. Being high bf already isn’t helping.
I can tweak my diet no problem but I think the main issue is my program. I used to train with a coach about 2 years ago and he tailored something for me, which I kept ever since. Not sure it’s still adequate.

Unless you are an alien or have a legit medical condition this is probably pardon my french bullshit.

Choose one one of getting bigger and stronger or getting leaner. Trying to do both at once or half arsing it doesn’t work and you’ll end up going nowhere.

If you want to make decent gains fat gain is unavoidable. You could pin all the compounds known to mankind and that’d still be the reality. Doesn’t matter how your body looks right now or by the time you finish bulking. Its the body you have months/years down the track that should matter. Getting a bit fluffy now is part of the process.

The decision making process for making tweaks/changes to what you are doing is pretty simple. Is what you are doing currently working? If yes keep on going. If no think about why and make changes.

Are you getting stronger over time and lifting more weight/reps on your big compound movements? Maybe not week to week but if it was graphed over months or years the line should be trending up. If yes keep going. If no make changes.

You can have as small a surplus as you want, trying to avoid excess fat gain, but if the stimulus for muscle gains, progressive overload, isn’t there it wont matter because what little weight you gain will be 100% fat.

Probably a good fit for you at the time tho you’ll need to take a good hard look at your current progress and see if changes are required. Even little changes can enable you to continue making progress.

Doing the same thing forever will leave you looking the same. If you don’t change things how can you expect your body to change: to get stronger or bigger

Saw your other thread about steroids. -Totally unnecesary with those strength levels just pick a proven program off this site…

This works amazing for about 4-6 weeks at a time: