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Beginner Workout Guidance?

Hi, I am Aashay and its been a month since I started gyming.
My workout type is - 4 day split.
Mon - upper body
Tues - lower body
Wed - Cardio & abs
Thur - upper body
Fri - lower body
Sat - Cardio
I do 3 sets of each exercise, each set of 15 rep max.
My question is, how should I increase the weight.
For example, i completed 3 sets (18 kg each set) of Lat pulldown. So now how should i progress.
Should I start with 22.5 kgs for all 3 sets, or should I do first 2 sets of 18kgs and 3rd set of 22.5kgs.
Will be waiting for your expert advice.

It doesn’t really matter how you increase (certainly at this stage of the game), as long as you go up consistently you should make good progress. That is of course assuming you don’t do something a bit daft & micro-load with 0.005kg weights or the other extreme of trying to go up by 10kgs etc.

So after 3 sets of 18kgs each, it would be fine if i make either of the change, i.e
18kg - 18kg - 22.5kg or
22.5kg - 22.5kg - 22.5kg?

Yep, that would be fine.

Great, thank you!!