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Beginner Workout for My Brother

I just got my brother to start lifting with me instead of using machines and need some advice about his workout. I was doing alot of bodyweight training with him in the fall so he isn’t weak, but he’s real thin. For example, he can do about 6 or 7 pullups which I think is ok, but I know I could do alot more when I was his age.

He’s 15yo, 5’11", and weighs about 145.

I have him doing a full body 3 times a week usually M/W/F. I have him at 90 sec rest between sets doing 2x8-10 raising the weight when he can do 10 on both sets. We’re shooting primarily for strength since I’m guessing he’ll gain weight anyway being a beginner.

Ham Curls
Skull Crushers
Bent Over Row
Shoulder Press w/ DBs

1 set of pullups on Gravitron
1 set of chinups on Gravitron

After about 3-4 weeks, I’m going to drop him down to a 3x5 until I feel that he has a good base and then we might start on some more advanced workouts, but this should most likely last him 4-6 months as long as he changes up the exercises occasionally.

Anybody have any feedback?

For a beginner stick to a more basic program like M/ squat, bench, t bar row, for 3x8 w/ clean and press from floor ,bentleg deadlift 3x8 F/squat ,bench, t bar row.3x8 this is real basic but will make great results without over training. I found t bars are a little better for beginners to learn correct form on then bent over row because of cheating. if you don’t have a t bar row and it a home gym just put one end of the bar in a conner and jut put the weight on the other and row away.as for a clean and press from the floor will get him huffing and it a good warm up to the lower back for the deadlift.this is Short and sweet program , he don’t need anything fancy just basic and brutal.

Dips, dumbell bench, push-ups. Get him off the gravitron and use Zeb’s routine for pull-ups.