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Beginner Women Hot/Sexy Program

I know I might get attacked for this comment, but my girlfriend wanted to start lifting weights but was seriously intimidated, so I bought her the Charlean Extreme DVDs from BeachBody. I know not perfect, but it’s a very good way to get someone introduced to weight training in an easy to follow format. Not to mention, it’s not intimidating at all and the plan is spelled out for you and you can do it in your living room with a couple of 25lb adjustable dumbbells.

She HATED it at first b/c it was hard but she’s about 2 months in and her swearing at Charlene has come down quite a bit :slight_smile:

Soon, I’ll have her out in our carport doing some more advanced weight training :slight_smile:

[quote]Semyour wrote:
she is 19 years old

she said that some years ago when she tried to hit the gym she did fullbody and didn’t like[/quote]
No offense, but if she was training “some years ago”, she probably had no idea what she was doing. Most teenagers new to the gym don’t.

A well-designed full body program is a world different than wandering around doing any 8 or 10 random exercises that happen to work the entire body.

This interview with Pauline Nordin might be worth forwarding to your girl:

Train A
A) Squats or leg press 4x8-10
or A) Sumo deadlift 4x4-6
B) Lunges 3x8-10
C) Lying Leg Curl 3x10-12
or C) Leg extension (if deadlifting) 3x10-12
D) Seated or standing calves 3x12-15

Train B
Rest 15s between movements, 90s between circuits
Circuits: 4
Reps: 10-12
A1 - Reverse Hyper with Ball
A2 - DB or medicine ball pullover
A3 - Single leg bridge w/bench
A4 - Standing DB shoulder press
A5 - Reverse Crunch

High incline treadmill 10-15 minutes.

Train C
A) Bench Push-up 4x6-8
B) Bent 2-DB row 4x8-10
C1) Lat pulldown 3x10-12
C2) Lateral raise 3x8-10
D1) DB Curls 3x8-12
D2) Triceps Pulley 3x8-12

Train D
Superman Bridge
Hold the position for 30-45 on each side, 4 sets.
High incline treadmill 10-15 min

That’s how I’d try to fix what you wrote.

Or, just follow this: