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Beginner Weight Training Routine

Hi, I am new to this forum as well as Weight Training, I am 6/1 175 I wanted to know whats the best schedule to use,like what muclses on what certain days? I am lookin for a total body workout but could use a bigger upper body. In addition any tips on supplements or workout drinks would be greatly apprecitated. tnx

Howdy. You’ve got some reading to do. Start here:

Check this out too:

For supplements, you can take a look at the Biotest store. To your left is a “Store” link. That’ll take you there.

For nutrition, supplements, training programs check out the FAQ. There is a link to any/all pertinent articles for you to read/study. There is also a search engine, I would use “supplements”, “nutrition” as your search words. You can also use “chest”, “back”, “arms”, etc. as search words.

One more thing: no one here on this site can just simply recommend a “best schedule” or “best program”. Especially when NOT knowing the following: your training experience, athletic background, diet habits, stats. Also there is no “best schedule” or “best program”. It’s what will work for you that is “best”.

I’m trying to be helpful. And just for the record, for anyone who would like to think that I’m being otherwise; I spent a good two to three years reading T-Mag before ever venturing into the forum.