Beginner w/ Questions: Masteron, PCT?

Hey everyone? Just wanna start with saying that there is some great info on this forum. I’am 28 years old, 6ft tall, weigh 200, and BF@ 10-13%. On hand right now I have a bottle of Test E at 200 mgs/ml and masteron propionate at 100mgs/ml. I really want to gain some size, but also harden up.

i have been training since 1997. in 2002 i had shoulder surgery and feel like i have never really been able to gain muscle back. getting closer to 30 years old may be it! I am here asking questions before i start so i do this properly.

I have some concerns about a PCT. I have read on here that masteron is a great leaner and anti estrogen. your advice would greatly be appreciated.


Your post seems aimless…

Come up with some specific questions for us. Write down what your cycle plan is and post it for a critique. Don’t expect to come in here and have us give you all the answers you want/need. We are in this game just the same as you homie. Get your shit together and come back when you’re ready.

nice and raw. love it.
week 1-5 200 mgs of test e/wk

weeks 5-10 200mgs test e/wk and 200mgs masteron/wk

Thanks WBH

i like the structure… it is good to put the mast where you did… but 200mg of masteron will give you nothing, and 200mg of test will only give you a hard on. Then it will stop you getting a hard on… all for 3-5lbs of muscle, if you are lucky.

Buy another bottle of each and come back…

Wk1-8 250mg Test Enanth p/w
Wk4-8 250mg Masteron p/w

This would be a low dose test, but the SHBG effects of the masteron would help to make the 250mg give the effects of maybe 300-350mg…

Inject 4x a week of the masteron and 2x a week for the test’rono.

Its the best you could hope for… the masteron is at too low a dose for muscle building though, you’d want 3-400mg a week for the best, and the same of t’rone.


I’m really hesitant to give you advice, as you seem like you have spent little time working this out and reading about the hormones you are thinking about injecting into yourself.

That being said, I am off for the rest of the day and I know you are most likely going to go through with this anyway. So I might as welll try and “help”.

Your “cycle” plan looks pretty weak. What is your proposed dosing protocol and what about PCT?

Thanks guys i will keep reading and holding off for a bit. the price is also high here in NJ. it sucks. each bottle is priced at $150…gonna try to find a better source so i can afford two bottles of test e and 2 bottles of masteron, and also some nolvadex and proviron for PCT. I will be back…

good lad!

Wow! Self control? I can dig it…

Holy shit $150 a bottle! Such a shame prices have risen this much in such a short time.

I know. just a year ago someone offered me some test e at 80 bucks a bottle! I should of got it.

A year ago, you should have been paying $30 for a 10ml vial of Test.

200mg/week of test e? Whoopty do! My textbook knowledge tells me thats wrong. 30 bucks for a 10ml vial? Bullocks! Yeah his price of 150 per vial sounds about right.