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Beginner Using Winny to Stay in Shape with "Extra" Help

Hello guys !

To make a long story short :

  • 39 years old

  • 19 month ago 95kg, now 63 kg (60-63kg fluctuations);

  • 1.77 cm

  • lost weight by starving myself for 5 month (no pills or supliments, no sports) I had no ideea about nutritions, but i ve done my lessons (maybe too much reading);

  • weightlifting for 13month. (difficult at the beginning)

  • training (4-5 t/w for 60-90 min, hate cardio, love deadlifts, but one training/w is HIIT )

  • mentality: when i train there is no phone, wife, business or kids (it is not too much 5 times/w for myself).
    Goals: become bigger and stronger, leaner :wink:
    The truth… i dont know ! My no one fear is not to regain weight (fat). I am eating clean 99% of the time. My main problem is I dont know how to adjust calories to daily activities and i am always hungry (i mean some days i just stay a the desk some days i am very active and… hungry).
    So my first question is:
    Staying 11-14% bf means being hungry non stop ?
    For the last 3 month I’ve been reading and testing AAS and pills.
    Clen and eca are…nice !
    Now testing myself with winny .
    I can not say i am doing a real cycle, just learning and testing my body.
    My problem right now with winny is that i am very hungry all the time, is this normal ???
    I gained 2 kg in one week. Could it be fake ?
    i have no experience with AAS !
    Thank you very much !