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Beginner Trying to Slim Down But Keep Strength


I’m a soon to be 23 year old former highschool football player. My senior I weighed in at 280 with my max for bench being 230, squaring at 420 and deadlifting a little bit over 500. Since then I’ve gained 60 lbs and loss a good deal of that strength but getting back in the gym I’ve managed to drop 40 and my max 1rep now sits at: bench 150 squat300 and deadlift 350. I wanted to know what kind of routine you all would recommend for someone trying to lose weight but gain strength. I’ve been doing a lot ofnthe things I did back in highschool but it’s just not producing the same results. Thanks on advance for your advice.


Anything from Thibs
Read all that you can from Dan John
Miyaki for food

Seriously. Go to articles and pick one.


Thanks for the feedback.


As long as your diet is under control I would say just choose a strength routine that is flexible. 5/3/1 would be good. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that assistance work needs to be kept moderate, do too much while at a calorie deficit and you won’t gain strength.


Yeah something like a Waterbury full body template will lean you out quickly while getting some strength gains…


I would offer you two basic things. First, pick a program or exercises enjoy. If you enjoy it you will most likely stick to it.

Second keep your diet simple. Don’t worry about supplements or those fad diets. Three square meals per day is enough, to maintain or gain strength as well as lose body fat.


@RampantBadger - You are the King of helpful links. :raised_hands:


Hahhaa, thanks. My little way of paying it forward I guess. :sunglasses:


What I meant to say was stay committed and you’ll be just fine. Keep up the good work!