Beginner Trying to Become Better

I have tried and failed at getting very lean in the past, i accomplished my weight goals scale wise but as far as appearence i looked very sick…had the eight pack but at the cost of dropping to 152 lbs…

Two years have passed and within those two years i have gone through alot of changes mostly failing at getting bigger and gaining lean mass mostly due to lack of discipline.

I have finally chosen one goal and one goal only that is to gain lean muscle mass over a 6-7 month period. I will be in Iraq and away from booze and other things. I know that it will take discipline to acheive this even though I am over there. I know for sure that i will have a chance to go to the gym everyday. I will be walking alot everyday with a extra 50lbs plus on me alot.

My main question is what are some things to keep in mind while trying to accomplish this. like i said i am new to trying to put on weight. I think that i have a tendency to gain fat very easily(what should i watch out for?)


I know that i shouldnt be asking these things because i know that if i want it I have to put forth the effort and read and they are available in most articles so maybe if you could point out some articles for a beginner to read and use for research I would greatly appreciate it.

24 yrs
5ft 8in
BF 18% close to it

last time in the gym was 3 months ago and i have stopped dieting because i was splurging for the last month and a half because of my upcoming deployment to IRAQ in OCT.

all you need.

Army/marines/navy have good PT and strategies to make you mission-capable and this means a lot of running and walking.

Check out the US Navy Seals PT if you get a chance. It’s insane conditioning and not designed to make you a bodybuilder but you will lose that 18% bodyfat quick.

For some odd reason people are saying the routine the actors on 300 used is some limp wristed photoshop make-up super tan and no substance…but try it for yourself.