Beginner Training Log - 365 Day Progression

Hey guys, im a noob at lifting and wanted to start a training log to keep track of my progress. Im 18 5’10 190 pounds. My split will be a 3 day fullbody 3-5x5 with some added pushups and pullups on saturday of I feel like it. Ill be slow cutting until I stall then increase calories. Starting lifts: Paused front squat 155x5, deadlift:375x1(yes with perfect form im a gifted deadlifter) and 135x5 paused low incline bench although i honestly think its way higher but I want to start light. And a 165x2: paused ohp.

Day 1 bodyweight 189.8
Paused front squat 155x3x5
Low incline paused bench 135x3x5
Strict bb rows 135x3x5
Upright row 65x3x8
Ez bar Extensions 55x3x10
Poundstone curls x1x45
Band pullaparts5x15
Everything felt real light, but I want to ensure steady consitent gains. May of went to loght on incline ill ad 10 pounds next workout instead of 5.

Day 2
No weights
60 minutes low intensity cardio
Band pullaparts 5x15
Neck curls with harness 10lbs x 140reps

Day 2 continued
Change of plans lol. I went in and did close grip low incline tapping chest no bouncing and full lockout 155x21 reps. Looks like im way stronger then I thought.
My plan was to move to Paul carters base huilding routine after I got strong enough, but looks like im already there. Im going to start with the Mass phase and go from there. 2nd day in the gym cant believe I hit these numbers. My squat is still ass though.

Day 4
1xAMRAP pushups+50% set
Band pushdowns x 100
Neck harnes curls 15x137reps
I like adding an armap pushups the make my shoulders feel great for some reason.

Day 3
Front squats 185x8+50% set
Wide grip romanian deadlift 315x8x3
Romanian deadlift 155x20x4
High box squat 155x10x4
1 hour walking to gym and back home