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Beginner- Training Intensity

I just started lifting for the past 3 weeks after 1 year with no exercise at all and after every workout my body is sore all over the next day. Is this normal and good for gaining strength or am I doing something wrong and need to lift lighter and less intense for the first few weeks? I am currently doing low reps (4-8 reps/5-6 sets) with heavier weights. I heard this was best for gaining strength.

I dont think low reps are good for beginners and yeah you should be sore , even rmoe sore when doing more reps(and thus more weight moved) stick to the 8-12

I agree yes you’ll be sore.

I do not agre that you cant venture into the 4 rep range every now and again as a beginner. Yes it good for strenght and will slowly build the neural capacity to move those heavier loads, as well as the fast twitch fiber.

I do agree a large part of yout time should be spent higher right now in the 8-12 reps range but dont avoid say working up to a 4-5 rep max. Id hold off trying max singles and doubles for a bit

Eat rest heal and hit the gym when your not in PAIN a little soreness is OK just not when you are Hurting BAD

My 2 cc

Thanks for the advice… one other question I have is I know that you should take in carbs immediatley after a workout in order to raise insulin- does it matter what type of carbs I take after my workout? I usually drink gatorade or orange juice after im done lifting and than I have a protein shake when i get home.


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So, let me expand this question. How long is someone considered a beginner? How much experience, time, or effort is needed before someone is no longer a beginner?