Beginner Template Recommendation

[quote]Chris Colucci wrote:

[quote]kingbrady wrote:
I’m simply covering my bases[/quote]
You’re not covering your bases. You’re thinking instead of doing.

Nov 13: What program should I do?

Nov 13, 10 hours later: What program should I do?

Nov 15: Which 5/3/1 template should I do? (Got two replies from Wendler)

Nov 17: Should I do this 5/3/1 template? (Got a reply from Wendler)

Nov 17, 15 hours later: Which 5/3/1 template should I do? (Thankfully, Wendler did not reply)

Nov 17, 6 hours later: How should I eat? Somehow morphed into how should I train?

Dec 13: How should I do 5/3/1? (Thankfully no reply from Wendler)

Dec 13, 6 hours later: Can I combine 5/3/1 and another program? (Got two replies from Wendler)

Dec 15: What program should I do?

Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me.

I almost want to ask how many workouts you’ve had and what you’ve been doing in the gym since November 13th, but I’m 94% sure the answers are “none” and “just planning”.[/quote]

Wow. Op you realise you come across as an ungrateful prick. Follow Jim’s advice exactly for 3 months minimum with no deviation.