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Beginner Supplment Cycle


I'm looking to gain strength and want to start cycling Testosterone supplements.

I've read quite a bit about supplements on T-Nation, and read articles every day. I guess my question, with gaining strength as my main concern, is should I cycle Alpha Male and Receptormax?

I currently have a Multivitamin, and obviously use Flameout, Whey Protein, and the Biotest Creatine Monohydrate.

I'm 6'0, 190lbs and have been lifting 4-5 days a week for two years now.

Any suggestions on to whether to use only Alpha Male or Receptormax, or to cycle them at the same time? Any help to this newbie would be awesome. Thanks.


I would just stick with that as long as you are gaining there is no point in using supplements like that till you have honestly drained your body of every natural gain you possibly can and since you are natural and only been training for two years I know for a fact that you have not done that or even gotten close.


Thanks for the input Truth, I appreciate it.


I agree with Truth. You've already got the basics, and as long as you're doing fine with them, stick with it. Personally, I noticed a big difference from adding Surge Workout and Surge Recovery to my stack, but I'm cutting on a low carb diet, so energy can be an issue for me. Still, a lot of folks here at T-Nation seems to swear by it. If you handle stimulants well, that would be one thing to consider in the future.


Thanks for the reply. I've considered the Surge pre/post, but money has been tight so I've stayed with my current stack for the past 3-4 months.


To be honest, I don't think they even work.


The Surge or the T?


To be honest, I like Surge Workout Fuel, but it is expensive. Mostly because it tastes good, and I have felt good even on reduced calories of late. It may be the Spike, but either way. I'm a fan of the two mixed.

That being said, I think you should focus on eating more, rather than test boosters. If gaining size is your goal.

Even if 12% is accurate, you are pretty skinny. And even the most wonderful supp in the world isn't going to do you much good if you don't eat enough to grow.


The 12% isn't very accurate, I don't really feel I'm pretty skinny at 190 but maybe I do need to eat more. I just came off a cutting phase where on WO days I was around 1800 cals, 100 carbs, 40 fat, and 240 protein. And off days, lower cals (1400) and carbs (60).

How much do you think I should increase these numbers to keep somewhat of my new leanness and put on more strength and some size?


Beginner supplement cycle:

Protein shakes


And consistent ass busting work under the iron using any sane basic program designed for beginners. Nuthin wrong with supps, but if that's your main concern you're already on the wrong track.


Man, I'm 6' and 190 too, and damn do I feel skinny ! I had to bump kcals to 3800-4000 to even gain a pound. I'd die eating like you did, that's like my breakfast right there...

Best thing to do is eat. Get 3 big meals and shakes + snaks in between. This will get you to 5-6 meals a day. So basically, food + protein, nothing else needed.


eat mcdonalds for every meal until you no longer see your collar bone.


Well, like I said, I just came off my cutting phase for the beach, which is why I'm at 190. I feel very small now with the weight/mass I've lost while cutting. I asked how to add solid mass back on to my lean frame. McDonald's every meal really doesn't help, thanks though. Anyone else have any tips to meals/food counts to keep daily while trying to add on good mass after a cutting phase?


Yeah, didn't mean to post twice.

Any other thoughts to adding Alpha Male and Receptormax to my stack?


Okay, in my limited opinion. Mr Popular and Tribs are right. Gotta eat and lift. I'm also with the guy above, my breakfast is roughly 1,200-1,600 cals, and I'm eating less the last few weeks to put my fat gain in check.

I weight 40lbs more than you, while not lean as you, it's not all fat either, not by a long shot. I feel small.

In my opinion, I would gain size until my lats were as wide as the chick you're holding's hips. Then worry about test boosters. Eat from Mr. Popular's list, lift your ass off, get some whey, creatine and try Surge if you want to, but know that without effort in the gym and at the plate the supps aren't going to make a significant difference.


Thanks, I already use whey, creatine, omega3s, multivitamin and work my ass off 5 days a week. I'll check out the diets, thanks for the input. Oh and volleyball girls hips are nice :wink:

Any advice on how to gain size for the lats? I only work back once a week, but do chins twice a week. Try pulldowns twice a week and possibly lat raises twice a week? Or maybe move lat specific exercises to 4x6 or something?


i was joking bout the mcdonalds..3:2:1 ratios of carbs:protein:Fats per pound of bodyweight. do that train hard and grow like a Mother fucker...oh and lats bent barbell rows are what ive found to be best. go low reps 6-8 with good from dont want no lumbar injuries.