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Beginner Supplements: Fish Oil?

I dont believe in vitamin based for fat people who probably get too many vitamins instead of not enough. I’m losing weight and working out down to 6’2 230 25% BF (outta shape). I also dont like the questionable ones such as amphetamine substitutes or steroids version 7.0 (will be illegal in 2 years but congress hasnt passed the law yet)

So this seems to leave me with fish oil… I have bad joints and super dry skin, excezma… I’ve also loved fish ever since i was as kid and love sushi etc, but really its impossible to get it in chicago fresh and its expensive and theres mercury etc…

I tried some fish oil tablets 1000mg generic. I didnt just swallow it, i bit the exteroir and sucked the fish oil out then swallowed it. I like how fish tastes i dont need to trick myself into eating it.

That being said - I have a good sense of taste and i can tell that fish oil was not fresh. It tasted a little rancid and I’m wondering what standards are out there to make sure we’re not getting crap fish oil, or super processed, or whatever?

Any posts to anecdotal benefits from bad joint/bad skin people would be appreciated. I dont care if it thins yer blood too much or whatever… I’m 50x more likely to die of clogged veins than hemmorages. Each individual has to consider what is best for him. I think if brocolli tastes like total crap to you, theres probably a solid body-chemistry reason for it. So dont eat the brocolli! Fish to me however is delicious so this is for me.