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Beginner Strongman Workout?


Hey guys I've recently been wanting to get into a strongman style of training but I have no idea where to start! I've got 2 years of lifting experience so I'm not beginner to lifting but I am a rank beginner to strongman. I've flipped tires before but unfortunately that's the extent of my experience with this style of training. So my question is does anybody have any beginner programs,tips on how to set up a beginning program or just any tips in general? Sorry for all the questions I just have no idea where to begin when it comes to this stuff. Thanks for the help!


Without getting in too deep on programming I would say focus basic movements. Overhead pressing, deadlifts or variation of deadlift, squats. Try and find a local show to go watch if you havent. Theres training groups all over, where are you in Indiana?


I'm in the norhtwest part of Indiana kind of by Lake Michigan


that's the best way dude. watch them training or even train with them and learn...


I have generally seen it recommended to train for overall strength, so something like Wendler's 5/3/1 program, and add in work on the specific events you will be competing in.

So, to set up your training it helps to first pick what you will be entering, find out what events you will be in, then figure out specifically how to train for that. Hell if I know though.


Assuming you do not have access to strong man equipment you need to improvise eg for stones I suggest you cycle frount squats and zerchers for car deadlifts do rack deadlifts or trap bar deadlifts. You get the point just get on a good program 531 eg you will have to modify it to go along with you strong man needs.


It's a good thing I saw this thread because I was about to ask the exact same thing.


x2 ... not really