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Beginner Strongman Questions


I have secretly started training for a strongman meet as my powerlifting federation has cancelled their remaining local meets for the year. I could have done a AAPF meet but it's too much of a pain in the ass to set a national or world record (fill out all of that paper work, qualify for nationals, go to nationals, geeze it would cost me over $300 just to set the stupid national/possibly world deadlift record) so I am going to do a strongman meet in Tenn.

My first question is, what is the normal height of the axel deadlift? The Tenn. strongman entry form is the most vague entry form out of all the meets this year! Most list the weight that will be used, height of the bar, and what equipment you can or can not use. The Tenn. meet? They just list a few events and then say they are subject to change without notice...great.

Haha if anyone has been to this meet before (Tennessee Terror Strongman Knoxville, TN) I would love any info you could pass along!

Many thanks to any help y'all can toss my way and happy Friday to all.


Most of the entries have contact info for the promoter. I would contact that person, as the strongman stuff is usually pretty individual to what the promoter has access to.


If I recall correctly, this contest is 4.5 months out. As such, they are probably still testing events, weights, equipment, etc. That's why they are subject to change. 4 months out not knowing the events isn't that big of a deal.

Either email the promoter or wait for more specifics to come.


I was mainly interested if the axel deadlift is normally at a higher height than normal deadlifts. I have seen two heights that seem to be common, 16inches and 18inches. But then again I have no idea what is common as this is only my second meet haha.


18" is pretty common for an axle dead. Like Matt said, this depends on what equipment the promoter has. You could try to find some videos from previous years contests in hopes that they have videos or results with the same equipment, but a lot of contests will change events each year.



Thank you for your input and I will def. be searching youtube for some past videos! I have been mixing up my training to account for anything they could throw out there: deadlifts from the floor, 16 inches, and 18 inches.


if its an axle on tires ive seen it at 11". and not to make this too confusing but the axle dl at women's and teen nats this year will be 13 - 14". email the promoter