Beginner Strongman Log

I’m hoping to compete in Strongman sometime next summer and I decided to make a log to track my progress as well as to trade training tips/ideas. I know I have a lot to learn and it would be awesome to get some advice as I progress in my training.

I’m using the cube method for strongman template, but with 5/3/1 strict press added on to my events day.

I’m 19 yrs old, 5’10" and 175 pounds. I’m trying to steadily gain weight.

I haven’t tested a true max, but here are some numbers that I’ve worked up to in the past.

Deadlift: 400 lbs
18" deadlift: 420 lbs
Squat: 290 lbs
Front squat: 205 lbs
Push Press: 170 lbs

All of my strongman implements for now will have to be homemade. I currently have a yoke that is made out of metal pipes and worked well, but requires a little more stabilizing that a standard one would. I can also kinda use it for zercher carries and as a conan’s wheel, but it’s a little higher than I would like. I’m planning on making farmer’s walk handles pretty soon and also some atlas stones.

Tomorrow is squat day!


High-bar close stance squats:

260x1 (I was just a little above parallel, so I decided to do it again)

Leg press:

machine+180 lbs x 10
machine+200 x 10
machine+220 x 10

I think the fact that it felt as much like a hamstring stretch as a quad workout is a sign that I have pathetic flexibility… Something to work on.

BB hack squat:

225 x 8
225 x 8
225 x 8

Standing calf raise:
3 sets of 10 (it didn’t say the weights on the machine)

45 degree donkey calf machine:

45 x 10
45 x 10
45 x 10

And then I finished up with a wrist roller thing.

This was my first time going heavy with a high bar, close stance squat. I definitely prefer to squat wider with my toes out, but this ended up feeling more natural than I thought it would once I got to heavier weight. I feel pretty good about it and think I’m on track to break 300 on my heavy squat day next month.