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Beginner Starting My Journey


I have decided to make a major change in my life and become a bodybuilder. I know by being in my gym and asking for advice for the last few months that not many people are positive in life. I however am focused on becoming my best self and getting on stage in the next 12-24 months and making an impact.

Currently I am 249 lbs and five foot nine inches. I have been working out sparsely for years and recently gained quite a bit of weight with my new job. I think I have a frame that could be great for bodybuilding but not really sure. I may be trying the velocity diet and am thinking bout trying a cutting pro-hormone... thoughts?


Don't do this "alleged" cutting prohormone. You are just starting out seriously, you dont need the help of anabolics to lose your spare tire. I don't mean to insult you or anything but you just need to work hard and follow a good diet plan. Keep it simple and you will start to see results, if you can hire a qualified trainer to help you put a plan together and adhere to it.

There is a ton of great information and experienced people on this site that are more than willing to field any question you have as long as you are willing to work hard and not make excuses for yourself.


I'm envious of your natural shoulder width and wrist thickness. You could be great overhead presser with that base.

I really do think you have a natural structure that would lend very well toward bodybuilding, if that's the direction you want to go.

And x2 on what cparker said.

Bodybuilding requires a pretty deep understanding of how your nutrition and training affects your physique, and it takes time to develop that knowledge. If you make the jump to using supplements too soon, of any sort, you'll shortchange yourself from learning some of these basics. When you have a better understanding of how many calories it takes to adjust your body composition, how much (or little) cardio is necessary, how much protein you personally need, whether you work better on higher or lower carbs, etc., then you'll be in a much better place to try and evaluate what works and what doesn't when it comes to supplements.

Both Stu (TheMightyStu) and Julien (zraw) are a fount of knowledge when it comes to bodybuilding training. Stu still regularly answers questions in his thread in the Bodybuilding forum here, and zraw stops in occasionally. It would probably behoove you to start up some dialog with one or both of them.



All of this. You wouldn't modify a car before you knew how it worked, don't make the same mistake with your body.

There are plenty of experienced guys on this site who will happily help you if you come into this with the right attitude. There's a few examples of how to do it right and wrong in the Beginners section right now. My personal opinion would be that you should be looking to lose some of the weight and get a good strength base before you worry about bodybuilding


I even think about the V-diet yet. Maybe once you choose a contest, you can use it as part of your prep but, as mentioned, keep it simple.

Oddly, the best approach to fat loss is to do as little as possible while getting your desired pace (generally 1-2 lbs/week) of fat loss. This gives you more options and requires less sacrifice as your body adapts and progress inevitably slows.

Check out the BBing sub forum. The guys there are super supportive (almost sickeningly so).