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Beginner Standards


Dear Jim,

I weigh 83kg and am 6"0. I can squat 286lbs x 2, I can deadlift 330lbs x 2 and I can bench 209lbs x 3 and push press 132lbs (strict press 42.5kg x 6).

Should I move on from the beginner template in your 5/3/1 book to the traditional 4 day split?

I feel I might benefit more from it at this point as I'm more fatigued on the 55%, 65% and 75% squats on the Friday than I have been earlier in the program. This is despite the fact that my assistance work beyond core work (back raises and weighted sit ups) and weighted chin ups is minimal, (incline db bench on friday, bicep curls and lateral raises on wednesday).

I keep finding that I may benefit more from doing pause squats (as I'm weak in the hole) and rack pulls which would be easier to put in to a routine more like your 4 day program.

I've ran your beginner template since September and have added 25kg to my squat (potentially 30kg), 15kg to my bench and 30kg to my deadlift.

Thoughts are appreciated?

P.s an update from your last piece of advice my dick still works, quite well I might add.