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Beginner Squat Form Check


Hey yall. Could you check my squat form? I maxed out at 255 lbs today. I butt-winked at the bottom, which happens to me whenever I break parallel, but I feel like my lower back was rounded on the 2nd half of the movement as well. Any advice would be appreciated

My lift is at 0:50 seconds


good depth, but you need to learn how to get tight. butt wink comes from lack of flexibility in the hips + hamstrings but also from not getting tight enough and forcing the knees out.
check out mobilitywod.com for how to get flexible.
tightness needs to be learned. I recently started doing sotts presses in my warmup with an empty barbell, which is basically an overhead press from the bottom position of a squat. Pause squats also teach you how to stay tight.
but otherwise, screw the feet into the floor and push the knees out, bring your hands in, lock the upper back, push your rib/ chest out, big breath into your belly, and push the elbows forward.


Hey man, I'm assuming the sotts presses help you to stay tight? can u go into further detail about them? I find it really interesting.



K, first of all, nice squats, you're taking them deep and that's man. Second, you know somethings wrong and you're asking for help to get better, that's also man.

I found it very difficult to see your body during your squats as the plates were in the way, maybe try getting one a bit behind you and at a 45' angle from the front.

What i'm going to say right away is do this warm up

also do this warm up

the second one will help out with your upper body a bit as you're tight in all the wrong spots.

Also, get weightlifting shoes immeidiately, these will help more than anything else right now.

I'd also add in front squats as often as you can, they'll teach you the proper posture of squatting, you either do them correctly or the bar falls off your shoulders.

Also, when you went for your max, you paused a bit in the hole, learn to stay tight and really "bounce" out of the hole, I say bounce, but it's just the rebound of going below parallel and stretching your quads. The above poster was right on the money about having to stay tight, so try to pay attention.

Overall, your execution of the lift was very good, just loosen up the right areas, get better shoes, learn to love the front squat and learn to "bounce" in the hole. Also if someone tells you to box squat, don't pay attention. just front squat and back squat, you need the reps to learn the movement.


thanks a lot! I've started doing this before every workout and my hip flexor pain is almost gone


Larry--Sotts presses are fucking manly. Theyre like Klokov Presses, which are uber manly to begin with, except twice the Man. If you never do them Jim Wendler will bitch slap you, and honestly, who wants that? Hope this helps.




Seriously tho, sick lift for learning balance in the hole and it REALLY forces you to get tight if you do it properly, because essentially you are pressing into an Overhead squat position, which is we all know requires tons of tightness in all the right spots and also mobility in all the right spots.

I have also found that the really help with olympic lifts, stability in the hole on the snatch, and overhead squatting. thibs is a fan as well, he's recommended them in the past and you are uber awesome if you can even approach pressing your bodyweight. Half bodyweight is hard enough.


Looking good. I think your heel was coming up a little bit on the way up. You should be pushing with your heels and not toes. Getting too far forward on your feet can put a lot of pressure on your knee. Keep stretching and send us the updated videos.


also the way your are racking the weight is scary. You should way straight into the rack until the bar touches the vertical posts. Then you should lower the weight straight down. You dont want to get an injury racking the weight.


Just youtube'd it... they are manly, I'm going to start doing them as part of my warm up before squatting, should help warm up my shoulders really well I think, and get me under the bar more easily