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Beginner Routines?


I've been going to the gym for around a year and have been doing 3 days per week.. Chest n tri, biceps n back then shoulders n legs. I've been given advice from a few people on this site that included beginning strength program. I've given this a go and think its just way to easy and don't fe like on accomplishing anything.

Can anyone suggest a program for me to do, a 22 year old weighing 78kgs with ectomorph body type with a years worth of gym experience. My goal is to bulk up clearly haha. Help!!


Dude, you're overthinking and setting yourself up to get stuck in limbo.

You're a skinny guy with a manual labor job. A basic routine like I suggested, in addition to eating plenty, will get you along just fine.

If it feels like you're not doing enough, make sure you're going balls out, full effort, on every rep of every set.


eat brah


I just don't understand how a program with no intensity and not enough exercises in it will even rip the muscles or encourage them to grow? I honestly left the gym feeling like I wasted the night.


A 5x5 program.
Get tons of protein, milk, aminos etc


Intensity comes from the lifter, not the program.

What, exactly, did your workout look like? What exercises, weight, sets, and reps did you do?


"do this routine instead of that dumb one"


eat motherfucker eat, im taking half a kilo of pork to chow down as a snack at work


Don't know what you are using, but try Joe DeFranco's Westside for Skinny Bastards.

Its what I've been doing for a few months, and seems to be working just fine.

I use the original version, but he has expanded it in other articles.

Good Luck.


I dont know what youre routine is, but add more weight and another set to each exercise if its just not enough.
Be honest with yourself in the gym, if you aint workin hard, WORK HARDER! it aint rocket science, increase youre intensity.
If you really dont like the routine youre doing check out this thread:


ram, thats what im saying.. i jusr dont feel like im doing anything near what im capable of doing. Ive looked at full body workouts, ectomorph friendly workouts and beginner workouts but none of them seem good for me even though ive been told they are good for me.

Ive been doing long workouts that included ablot of sets, reps and exercises from day one and have become used to that. dropping doen to such a small and short sessions seems to leave me thinking ive wasted an hour of my life.


post you current training routine


just get stronger


Well I was doing, day 1; chest tri- bench 4x8, dumbbell incline 4x10, decline bench 4x4, flies 3x10, dips x 10, skull crushers 5x10, cable tricep pull 4x12. Day 2; biceps and back; barbell curls 4x10, dumbbell curls 4x8, preacher curls 3x10. Day 3; shoulders and legs- squats 5x6, leg extensions; 4x10, leg press 3x8, military press 4x10, barbell military press 2x10, lateral raise 4 x 8, forward raise 4x10, shrugs 4x15


Once again...

What, exactly, did your workout look like? What exercises, weight, sets, and reps did you do?

That still doesn't mean you've been doing good workouts.

Remember in one of your previous threads, when you said:


You're a 6'2", 170-pound dude with a manual labor job. (No offense, just reviewing the facts). High volume training is not the answer, especially since you're still tweaking your nutrition.

P.S. - That program you just listed is ridiculous, for a few different reasons.


Well for the sets an reps I followed the the program exactly. I bench 70kg, squat 90kgs, only just started deadlifts but was doing 70kgs


In your recent workout, you squatted 3x5 (15 total reps) with 90kg, and then bench pressed 3x5 (15 total reps) with 70kg, and then deadlifted 1x5 (5 reps) with 70kg?




Lift more weight. At a guess I'd say a lot more weight.


The word 'hardgainer' is miss-used in so many ways.

1) People who don't eat or train right put themselves under the hardgainer umbrella

2) The one I hate the most, because it insults true hardgainers and is partly to blame because of the crew above (1), are the ones who say that you are "being a pussy and need to train exactly like them!"

Training is individual - people's ability to tolerate volume differs.

Chris Colucci sounds like he trains quite a few people (hence a rounded opinion), and like other people who train others and don't have a closed mind, they realise that not everybody is the same and that hardgainers DO exist.

Hardgainer is not a handicap (lol), it just means that you need to train according to your body type in order to spur on growth (to a much higher level than you would grow at if you followed unsuitable advice). Also, hardgainers aren't ALWAYS ectomorphic (skinny frames with fast metabolisms). Hardgainers can be skinny fat, chunky etc...but respond to what I'm about to say next...

There are people out there that say the training program doesn't matter, and all that matters is hard work...well I'm saying that they are only partially right! A program that has a true hardgainer (natty) doing a typical high volume "bodybuilding" routine of 12+ sets/bodypart/week would be crap for them (just give a cosmetic pump and that's it).

Food is always a constant when it comes to different people - EVERYONE needs to eat enough (however this doesn't mean that somehow food is THE answer to a hardgainers problems...although in general, they do tend to underestimate their metabolism). Not everyone responds to the exact same training stimulus. A hardgainer usually responds to brief routines, done less frequently, in other words, short workouts (less exercises per bodypart or fewer sets, or both) with more rest days (to allow their "fragile" nervous systems to rebound better).

Even if eating enough to gain weight, a hardgainer putting in 100% effort would reach a point of diminishing returns after 3-4 weeks of training 5+ days per week. The exception to this "rule" would be if only 3 of those days in the week were intense (pushing the intensity on 3+ multi-joint movements), if the other 2-3 days were only sessions with a few small isolation exercises, this would be more manageable (in effect, your isolation days are like days off because they have little impact on the nervous system).

OP - If none of that ^ rings a bell with yourself, are you really a hardgainer? Either that, or you just aren't pushing the exercises as far as you can do (near failure, and adding weight every time you can)...and eating enough