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Beginner Routine


I am a beginner and in search of a
linear progression training routine.I
have considered Starting Strength and
also many other programs out there
but I want to incorporate snatch and
clean and jerk into my routine.I was
thinking of

Workout 1
Bench Press
Bent Over Row

Workout 2
Clean And Jerk
Overhead Press

Each exercise done for 5x5...for deadlfts 1x5 and for oly lifts 5x1
Alternating each workout on alternate
days. Please critique my workout ,
suggest improvement and also give a
routine if you want to...Any help


Why do you want to include the olympic lifts? I'm not criticising you, I'd just like to hear a reason.


iv been practicing form for about the last 1.5 months or so in the oly lifts and am really enjoying them and thought that id give them a go


It's not at all a good sign that you started your training log less than a month ago and you're already looking to change your training. Consistency, in lifting and eating, is how you see results. Pick a program and stick with it for at least 3 months without interruption.

Starting Strength would be fine for you. Not sure why you decided against it.

Or consider Dan John's Mass Made Simple:
It's a basic strength and size routine, and you can incorporate the O lifts in the complexes.

Also, you were 100 pounds when you started last month, but what do you currently weigh?


i had fever an exam and hurt my back deadlifting...thus took a time off lifting and will be starting again on 14th


To me, this forfeits your right to be in the gym for a while. At 15 years old, you should not be getting hurt in the gym, under any circumstances. Period.

I'd also suggest that you're not ready for the Olympic lifts yet, either.

I suggest avoiding weights and sticking with a bodyweight-only plan for a month or so. Get your eating in line and build strength, endurance/conditioning, and size with bodyweight stuff:

3 Days a Week
3 Days a Week
A) Squat 2x12-15
B) Push-up 2x12-15
C) Alternating lunge 2x10-15 per leg
D) Neutral-grip pull-up (assisted if needed) or horizontal "fat-man" row 2x12-15
E) Plank 2x15-count
F) Burpee 2x12-15


Iv been doing a circuit routine quite similar to this one during the time i wasnt lifting...the pain went away...my exams went well and i lost a bunch of fat doing circuit training!!


Check your form too. Are you arching your back on deadlifts?


Dude i was doing 3x12 on deadlifts i was bound to get hurt...i arch my back though





You shouldn't be lifting.


3x12 deadlifts =/= bound to get hurt. There are programs with much higher deadlift volume that don't presuppose injury. Injury = very bad, because time spent recovering is time where you are making minimal gains or even fighting not to lose progress. It's wasted time that could've been easily preventable.

If you are going to continue deadlifting, focus on form. Maybe post a vid of a moderately heavy set so it can be critiqued. Don't burn through your warm-up sets. Instead, focus on doing them as perfectly as possible. Before sets, visualize doing your set with perfect execution. On the working sets, if you are still having form issues, drop the weight until you can do it properly. That way, you are stimulating the muscles you want to train better and are practicing good form, both of which means stronger lifts and better gains in the long run.


I'm kind of cringing at the thought of someone who ****s up deadlifts attempting full snatches (without a coach I assume).


Or C+J. Seriously, it's so easy to get hurt if you fuck up a clean.


That set rep scheme doesn't explain why you got hurt. It probably has somehting to do with form, but you alse mught have just messed it up a little before and only fully set it off by deadlifting. do you wear a belt when you deadlift?


I didnt....it wasnt even that much serious of an injury...


An injury that doesn't seem serious now could contribute to problems down the road. Acute injury is one thing, but chronic injury is often what ends a lifter's lifting career for good.

Always lift with good form, do your mobility/stretching/prehab exercises, know when to quit, always warm up properly, train intelligently when injured, and take your joint health supps.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


First of all, I call bullshit on "bound to get hurt." Yes, it's dumb and unnecessary for a beginner to be doing sets of 12 deadlifts, but you're never bound to get hurt unless you're a competitive athlete training with 110% intensity because your career is on the line.

Secondly, there's absolutely no such thing as a not serious lower back injury, especially when it comes to a teenager. The low back is notorious for repeat problems down the line if something goes wrong. If it was serious enough to stop you from lifting for a few weeks, then it's fucking serious.

Take a step back and try to see the long-term picture. If you can build some basic strength, size, and conditioning while staying healthy now, you set yourself up for huge gains in the next few years. Of if you keep doing what you've been doing, you can keep tweaking your back and needing time off, and never really get a great start.

It's totally your choice, but you're getting some solid info from more experienced people who are saying things you just don't want to hear.


thank you everybody who gave me some wonderful insights on training...im not going to do 3x12 deadlifts anymore...im going to concentrate on my arch even more...i bought a belt going to wear it...and regarding the training routine im certainly doing the major compound lifts with 5x1 on deadlifts but im not quite sure about the olympic lifts.Iv been on the search for a olympic lifting coach for some times now and looks like im soon going to have a real life coach apart from you guys who always puts me back on track and give me what i need(i needed some tough love...lol).

regarding the form on deadlift and other lifts im doing whatevr i can...watching videos...practising form with some moderate weights.I WILL UPLOAD A VIDEO OF MY LIFTS AS SOON AS I FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO SO FROM A JAVA MOBILE.Im going to resume my training log from monday as my exams ended yesterday.Again im very appreciative of all of your insights...thanks