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Beginner Questions Regarding Libido

Hi, I have a couple questions I need to ask. I apologize that they are probably dumb, but these problems are really messing with my psyche.

#1. Is testosterone actually important for libido? I continue to hear people say that E2 is more important for libido, and when near 22pg/ml, men feel the best. If someone had low testosterone, but perfect E2, would they have optimal libido, or is the testosterone alongside the estrogen necessary?

#2. What is a normal libido? I am unsure if my libido is normal. I don’t really feel compelled to fantasize or have sex. Sometimes I force sexual thoughts, and my penis becomes relatively hard. I never really get random erections or the “I absolutely have to have sex right now” feeling, but I have no problem getting an erection when I try to.

When I had normal testosterone I had an insane libido, hypersexuality and couldn’t understand why women at 21 didn’t feel the same, I thought something was wrong with all of the woman I was dating. The truth is men typically are always thinking about sex and women not as much. It sounds like you have low libido, some men are just asexual and not really interested in sex at all.

Many things affect libido, testosterone and estrogen are just two, if you testosterone and estrogen are out of balance, libido will be affected negatively because excess estrogen affects mood and mood affects libido.

Sufficient thyroid hormones are needed and give energy to cells, so if your thyroid is messed up then this could be why libido is low. Low iron is another mineral that is needed, ferritin and cortisol. Nitric oxide is important for erectile strength, so you can have libido and not be able to act on it, testosterone is what makes a man a man, strong, unapologetic and confident.

Often times doctors skimp of needed testing, HMO’s are useless for hormonal treatments, doctors are always doing things half ass. I haven’t found a single man that said he felt his best at an E2 of 22, biological individuality will dictate where you feel your best, frankly I feel better when E2 is higher closer to 30, I seem be be over the moon happy above 30.

If it gets any higher it can start to cause minor problems, just see me weep during a sad movie.

Do not apologize, this is a excellent question!

Things that affect libido:

  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Poor sleep
  • Medications
  • Stress/depression
  • Low testosterone
  • Infections
  • High prolactin
  • Low thyroid hormones
  • Alcohol & drugs
  • Surgery
  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol

Does testosterone impact nitric oxide?

I never really had a “ normal” libido. From the time I hit puberty until a few weeks ago I killed my self in the gym and with sports to the point I was always over trained. I’m on week 4 of trt and have never been this amped up. Every female looks hot… random erections, morning wood, I had sex 3 times in a row on Saturday morning and by the evening wanted more. I don’t know if that’s normal for 38 years old but it makes life much more fun. On a bizarre side note trt has increased my luck! I won 600 dollars in a golf tournament yesterday… checked my email and saw I won masters tickets and today scratched of a lottery ticket and won 200 bucks. Maybe the universe is finally rewarding me for being happy and positive

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Or you are just gambling more hence winning more?

Lol maybe

Wow man, that’s great to hear. Did you have morning wood prior to TRT?

I honestly can’t remember the last time I had it pre trt! It slowly faded away around my early 20’s. Then the frequency I wanted sex dwindled… to actually turning my girlfriend away most times.

Nitric oxide is testosterone dependent, low testosterone, low nitric oxide. Testosterone also converts to dihydrotestosterone or DHT is needed for good libido.

Get this “22” number, or any “number” out of your head. Its all about how you feel and symptoms. Never go off of a number. This screwed so many people

Yes, you need both test and E2, in a balanced equation, for your libido to be good. Higher test needs higher e2.

Have you done labs? Are you on TRT?

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The number 22 is subjective.

Some may and have felt good at that number. Some lower. Most higher though.

I do feel best with a Total Testosterone/E2 ratio of around 16%

Total T/E2 ratio of 16 percent? So if you had a total testosterone of 500ng/dL you would want an E2 level of 80pg/ml? (80 is 16 percent of 500)

Yea this doesn’t sound right at all

Take a look at a natural healthy male, Total T is 800 and estrogen <35 pg/mL. If the same guy packs on added weight, estrogen increases and testosterone decreases and there is your TT 500 ng/dL and E2 80 pg/mL.

My TT was 749. Divide that by my e2 of 49 and you get 15%.

Makes sense?

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That is 15x not 15%. 49 is 6% of your 749 test. To be at 15% you would have to have your e2 at around 112.

I was always told to
Divide tt by e2 to
Get your ratio percentage.

You are at like 6.5%

No. That way tells you, you have 15 times more TT than E2 or 1528% of your e2 number.

Edit: I should reword what I stated as it will give you ratio like you were told, which is 15:1 (TT:E2) but not percentage. If you take the math further (1 divided by 15) it will give you a percentage which is 6.6%.

So what you’re saying is a my e2 of 49 (sensitive) is too low for my TT?

I always thought you just divide TT by E2?!

I feel like you’re dividing E2 by TT… not TT by E2.