Beginner Questions About Workout Plans

-looking for tips on solid work out plans for each body part day (leg day, arm day, chest day etc) with free weights as well as advice on whether using the machines or free weights at the gym would be more efficient.

-I am 5’10, 190-200 lbs…work in commercial construction which has helped me already lose 40-50 lbs over the last 4 years or so, just not toned by any means…looking to get huge while also being very chiseled. Thinking after a few months of working out of getting just one cycle of test to help jumpstart my goals. My big question though…say I get about 10-20 lbs or so in gains/mass from the cycle, would I lose all those gains after the process is done? In other words, would I lose all the mass and muscle after the cycles over?? I imagine obviously losing some, but don’t want to even do it if I’m just going to lose all of it like it never happened?

-Would creatine or any other over the counter supplements get me as big as a cycle?

-Any helpful advice would be awesome, I’m really looking to get in shape and am taking this very seriously, so please don’t judge me haha.


Read a lot of the articles in general about eating and training.
Follow their teachings.

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