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Beginner Questions about Mexican Roids

Last time I touched roids was about 25 years ago in Canada. In Mexico right now for the next 6 months and considering doing a cycle or two to see if I like it or not.

I asked at a shopping mall nitration store if it was true that steroids were legal in Mexico and she said yes as she pulled out 2 boxes that were to be sold for cash only.

So Q#1 obviously… Why cash only, do you need a script or is it not actually legal?
Q#2 I’ll have about 5 months here that I can take it. What should I get and how should I cycle?

The store had Trenbo Blend 250 and Testo 500 10ml
Would it be safer to buy injectables or tabs down here? … or do I stack?

Beginner getting ‘back into it’ after many years out of the gym following a car accident.


@BOTSLAYER might know about them souf of the border drugz

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Do you know very money drug dealers that accept credit cards?

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If it helps, I’m in Playa Del Carmen

If your goal is buy gear then go to a pharmacy. They sell what passes for “pharma grade” by Mexican standards. Buying testosterone at 500mg/ml from some Mexican UGL at a store in the mall is just asking for a bad time.


Personally, I would speak to locals (if meatheads, above 70 IQ ideally), and find a legit pharmacy.
I have heard some “pharmacies” sell fake shit down there, targeted at tourists visiting for that purpose.

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Q#1 As I understand it Testosterone is legal, everything else is technically illegal.

Q#2 Bulk or Cut? Bulk I love the Test is best approach. Cut depends on where you are in your career but Test + Oral DHT or Masteron is a pretty low risk high reward.

Q#3 Sorry Chris.

In a completely unrelated note here is my latest pause squat…

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Nice!! I used to live there!!

No worries. This thread is just walking a thin line and question 3 should’ve been snipped earlier.

@b0nkers, forum policy doesn’t allow talking about where/how to get stuff, brands/sources, etc. The topic is fine as long as things stay general.

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Ah ok, thanks guys. My understanding (as I was told by the store owner) that all of this was completely legal here, so I didn’t think twice about asking anything about everything. Cheers

It’s legal in Mexico (and quite a few other countries), not legal in the USA… At all, not even decriminalised.

Oregon just made it ALL legal. We could have the West Middle East…or More East Middle East? Not good at geography. Or the wetter middle east? The naming opportunities are endless, as well as the research that can be done there.

As above sounds like ugl and not pharma. 500ml sounds like some serious pip :rofl:

I laughed more than I should have haha! :rofl: :joy: