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Beginner Question

orite basically im after a corse thats gives good gains in strength that if done correctly i can keep the majority of gains when i come of the cycle/ Im not that intrested in size, i wouldnt mind gaining abit as any man would but i dont want alot of excess weight as i like running and combat sports i.e boxing and mma.
I also want to look after my health so any suggestions with warning to what could be sides etc would be much appreciated.

My stats are
Years training:5/6
Hight: 5 foot 5
Weight : Around 70 give or take depending on how well i ate
Diet - i try to stick to clean food e.g. oats for breakfast then more smaller meals throughout the day of rice/pasta wholegrain bread with some sort of protein, but cutting up isnt in my worries as im not competing for anything and am happy with my bodyfat percentage what ever it is currently.

My problem is when i increase my calories my strength can increase but i start to get a gut even if keeping to healthy eating. Now im not saying i always eat healthily 100% of the time as i work 12 hour shifts minimum 6/7 days a week it can be hard and sometimes packet pasta from tesco is something i have to buy.

my current 1rep max at 70kg is Bench - 105, Squat 105 and deadlift 155 (with grips)
I train 3/4 times a week 2/3weights (with chest & tris/back & traps/legs calf bi’s/and shoulders split) 1 day cardio/mma , the extra day depending if i get the day off or not.

two different friends recommended two different things
the first recomended oral winstrol at 50mg a day? but i was under impretion that this was used for fat stripping , would i see strength gains? and should it be taken alone? i already take cod liver oils and chondroitine tablets everyday anyway for my joint health, as i hear these dry your joints out too.
the second is one recommended trenbolone acitate, which ive read up on is very powerfull jabs? but obviously the strength gains would be through the roof. based on my stats what would you recommend i.e which of the two what corses and if anything else should be taken with them?

thansk for your help much appreicaited and if ive left anything out you need to know let me no

A few cycles of grammar superset w/spelling classes!

Would not recommend winny alone at all let alone for strength gains. And I would not recommend tren ace for your first cycle. You’ll have to face the fact if you want to put on muscle and gain strength you might get a little guy.

Read the stickys there’s a lot of good Info in them.

Never take winstrol alone, ALWAYS have someone with you to spot you and check your form and sometimes even shout encouragement.

And tren jabs are now being supplied free on the nhs with flu jabs to all males under 25 so just go and see your gp.

All these kids wanting to hop on tren are the reason we get those fucked up headlines about noobs and steroids on the news.

Im 154lbs, been training for 5 years and can only bench my BW, so obviously I need Tren. My workout routine is flawless and I go real hard

Next thing you hear will be “brah they banned dat Jack3d brah, but yo i herd dat tren gives you a nice pump, finna pin some try it out”

Yeah they be baking down “Homo-Rage” and injecting with olive oil next!

lol I think you guys just saved this person from a very very shitty experience. At least i hope so.

You know the answers here didn’t change a thing. I’d bet anything this kis is pinning some tren as we speak

[quote]lbraga wrote:
You know the answers here didn’t change a thing. I’d bet anything this kis is pinning some tren as we speak[/quote]

Ya probably. Some people even when givin advice don’t like the answers and do it anyway

[quote]BUDs wrote:

[quote]lbraga wrote:
You know the answers here didn’t change a thing. I’d bet anything this kis is pinning some tren as we speak[/quote]

Ya probably. Some people even when givin advice don’t like the answers and do it anyway [/quote]

absolutely. People just ask advice to get confirmation that what they’re doing is right. If it’s not, they’ll do it anyway.

Or they will get 100 answers sayin no then one answer saying yes and they will go with the one because that’s what they want to hear

lol I would say if this was all legal doctors would make sure people didn’t do stupid shit like this. But i just read yesterday about some guy who could barely speak english on here. Saying his doctor gave him deca and anadrol and never told him about pct or anything. And 5 years later the guys is still having problems! I think the only way to do any of this stuff safely or even close to safely is just study it till you can name the good effects and bad effects of every steroid and pct product out there. Lol and then it comes down to not getting greedy.

They should have some kind of government program or something to educate young people about this stuff who are going to do it no matter what. Or something. If they hand out clean needles for drug atticts why can’t they hand out information about how not to use steroids wrong! I know that is to much to ask for but theres a large majority of people out there that just have no idea what they are doing in every sence of the word and its dangerous for everyone. I mean a 18 year old can go get superdroll with out pct and the guy will sell it to him and say “ohh some people are just prone to side effects you will be fine now give me that 70 bucks!”