Beginner Question: Cycling the EC Stack

I have a basic question. I am taking ephedrine and caffeine (not MD6, too expensive) while dieting for the first time. So far, I am taking it every other day for about a week at a time. Then I stop for a week. Is this the best cycle or should I take it more (in)frequently?

I have useed ECA stacks for years and find them very effective. I have used them every day with out time off, and every other day. The best advice I could give you is listen to your body. You know the feeling you have while your on it, if that feeling seems to be going away, then take a break from it for a couple of weeks. Another way I have used it is to take it on my cardio days, if I do cardio 5 times a week, I’d take it 5 times that week, and so on. Just this week I began using MD6, and plan on using it every day for about 4 weeks. Maybe take a break on the weekends. At the end of 4 weeks, I will take a long break, maybe 2 months. I am a firm believer that ever body is different, and what works for me may not work for you. My weight has been everywhere between 190 and 260 in the last 3 years (no roids) I have a slow metabolism and gain weight very easy, kinda sucks. But, if I eat clean and do alot of cardio, I can get lean pretty fast. In the last 2 weeks, I have lost about 12 lbs. I was taking speed stacks the firs week, and now the MD6. I feel as if the MD6 is working wonders. I am eating pretty clean but by no means perfect, and the fat is still coming off. Best of luck in your trials and errors

I’ve had good results using it 3 times per day on Mon, Wed and Fri (my cardio days). As soon as I wake up I throw it down, then each four hours after that. I add one aspirin to the mix though.

If you’re dieting for the first time, let me give you a few quick tips. Do cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, and eat “1 hour” after finishing. And most importantly, stick with it!!! At least 6 weeks bud!

Must agree with SAL that it’s a trial and error thing to a certain degree.
By the way SAL, what do you mean by a “speed stack”???

A speedstack is just a pre-workout drink that American Body Building makes, very similar to Ripped Force, (if you’re familiar with that)but no sugar. Also agree, cardio first thing in the morning, only thing in your stomach should be your pills.

What ECA brands are you guys taking and/or recommend?

I’m in OZ, so I use all Australian stuff, which won’t be of any help. Unless you live in Australia that is…

Tan - cool! So do I, I’m in Brissy. (Apparently Ian King lives in Brissy too, haven’t ever come across him though…)

Just go to a local chemist, grab some No Doz (Caffeine), and take 2 tabs. Then (optional) grab some aspirin and take 1 tab. Then get some Sudafed/Logicin/etc… (anything that’s pure psuedo-ephedrine) and take 2 tabs. That’s the stack.

Be careful asking for the sudafed though. Folks here keep breaking into chemists to steal the stuff to make speed, so a lot of chemists don’t even stock it, and if they do they put you through a whole Q & A session.
Just tell them your sinuses are giving you hell and you need something to fix it, and psuedo-ephedrine has worked before. Oh, and I’d also get the sudafed from a different chemist to the other stuff…

And if you’re in Brissy, let me know, perhaps we could talk “shop” sometime…

Mark, i’m actually on the Gold Coast but I go up to Brisbane pretty often…from what i know, Ian King lives in Toowong…getting together to talk shop sounds like a great idea.

HOLY GEEZUZ!!! I’m sittin’ in Toowong right f@cking now! (Please allow me to pause momentarily as I scream Ians name out my window in hope of a response…) (A few minutes later… nah, he didn’t respond, must be off doin’ his exercise guru thing) Anyway, I dunno if we’re allowed to post our E-mails 'n stuff, but I’ll try to get it through… [SORRY- NOT ALLOWED- MODERATOR]


Ordered a T-Man T-Shirt today too, and the exchange rate is a freakin’ joke, I’m paying nearly AUS$100 to get 3 shirts out here… but hey, if they’ve really got the “Magical Chick Magnetism” powers TC and the crew claims, then $100 aint nuthin!!! [grin]

Dealing with the published research, the beta-agonist fatburning effects of ephedrine actually increase with prolonged use, even as the subjective “wired feelings” subside. So if your goal is fat-loss, take it every day. If you goal is to boost workout strength, then cycle it, or only take it right before a workout. In the U.S., do a websearch on Kaizen ephedrine, as it is the cheapest around. Beyond-a-century (add a dot-com to get their url) has extremely cheap ephedra capsules ($5.00/100), but getting pharmaceutical ephedrine is probably worth the extra money. Kmart has extrememly cheap “JetAlert” caffeine pills at $2.70/90/200mg. Incidentally, if you need diphendramine, aka Sominex, Kmart has this in generic form for $0.05/pill.

Mark and Tan … which gym do you workout at? I am in Brisbane as well and go to the YMCA.

Ryan, I actually work out at the Bond Uni gym where i study…

I forgot to recommend “The New Diet Pills” by Larry Hobbs, which has an extensive chapter on ECA, as well as other diet drugs and supplements (I started taking guggulipid about 7 years ago on the basis of this book, way before many people in the bodybuilding community had heard of it–and btw, I can highly recommend guggul as the best fatburning supplement!). This book is available from Amazon. Hobbs also has a $4.00 booklet just on ECA which takes a comprehensive look at the published research, which is excellent. He has a tollfree # for all of his books; maybe you could find it with a websearch.

I’ve been to the YMCA only once (years ago), and usually go to the QUT Uni gym at Gardens Point. Either there, or recently I’ve been at a gym up at Caboolture a bit more often.

I tried posting my E address, but it wasn’t allowed, as you can see below, so I dunno… [shrug]

Cool, there’s actually T-Folk around these parts…!

Mark, is the QUT gym the one next to the botanical gardens?..i think i saw it once…it was in the basement of one of the QUT buildings…near the pool and child care centre.

Tan - Yeah, you got it bud. It’s just over an alley from the QUT pool, in kind of a basement type place. It’s under the bookshop. We can hook up to train sometime if you want, only I’m pretty much committed to arms at the moment, so perhaps we should wait a little while (I’m doin’ Ian Kings 12 week arms program). Perhaps Ryan could join us too. Geez, Ian King can join is as well if he wants… [grin] “Here that Ian…?”

Anyway, let me know what you think. Pehaps we could even start a Brissy (and surrounding areas) T-Group…! Hmmm… now I’m gettin’ excited!

Mark and Ryan…what are your stats?..i wouldn’t want to be embarrassed meeting a 250 pound behemoth…i’m only 5’9 and 170 pounds…and my gf already thinks that i’m too bulky…oh well…