Beginner Progression

So I’ve done my homework and come up with a program that I think would help me make the most gains the fastest as a beginner. It would eventually turn into a program based off Olympic lifts, however being an Olympic Lifter is not my ultimate goal; this is mainly for lacrosse and secondary for aesthetics.

3 days a week, 3 sets of 12:
-Seated Rows
-Hang Pull
-Push Press

Which would eventually progress and include multi-lift exercises, such as cleans, or clean and jerk, at which point the set rep scheme would have higher sets, lower reps, and higher weights.

I’ve got someone to teach the lifts to me, though I know most, and will be focusing more on technique, rom, and recruitment rather than heavy weights.

Are there things I should include, shouldn’t include, or should alter?

It looks like a nice simple way to hit everything effectively. Think about throwing in dips here and there in place of bench they can be a really chest/tri blasting exercise if you go full rom.

I’d like to see some lunges or pullups in there, but yeah for a starter the routine seems alright.