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Beginner Progress

I’ve been lifting for 7 months now, I just want to know how I’m doing progress wise. My first 2 months might as well not even count, because I got almost nothing accomplished during them. My biggest gain was my db bench going from 20 lbs to 30 lbs dumbbells.
Prior lifts:
Bench- 115 max
I never lifted in the beginning.
Current lifts:
Bench- 205
Deadlift- 365
Squat- 305
One arm Row - 100 x 8 (I know it’s not a real lift people mention but I don’t have anything else to go on for back strength really)
I do Full Body every day and squat to a max every day so you could probably add 5 or 10 lbs to all of those lifts. I try to keep my calorie count about 3500, I drink at least a half gallon of milk a day. My supplements are whey, bcaas intraworkout, and a preworkout if i’m absolutely wiped, haven’t used one in almost two months.

I’m 6’3 and weigh 215 lbs… Please constructive criticism I’d rather not be totally bashed

Looks like you’re doing fine. If progress slows, consider moving to a body part split (see KingofBeef’s thread), a push/pull/legs split, 5/3/1, or some other routine. At some point the total body approach will limit your ability to develop.

seems like awesome progress to me.

if what you’re doing keeps working as good as it has been keep doing it. don’t just change everything because someone says.

If bodybuilding is your main goal then eventually you will want to move to a body part split when progress slows.

It seems like you’re being consistent so just keep doing that and you’re good.

Alright, thanks for the input guys!

You should take some pictures once a month maybe as well. Keeps you honest.