Beginner Programs

Can someone list the different types of beginner programs. I know there has been alot of questions regarding them but I tried to use the search feature to look up different articles and I thought there was a place that listed the possible beginner routines in one post.

So far i’m going to be starting the blast off program but i had one question regarding the routine. I thought beginners needed to exercise each muscle about 3 times a week. Is this only needed to focus on good form? Is once a week enough to stimulate growth for a beginner?

Thank you


I dont subscribe to the once a week theory. If it aint hurtin from a previous workout then I think it’s OK to hit it again. When I was a beginner, I hit the compound lifts with a 5x5 three days a week and saw great results. Did this for a couple of months before I settled into some different routines. I’m glad I did it that way too. Often I read about guys who have been lifting for years and just recently started to do squats and deads, cause they had been warned of injuries caused by these lifts…cryin shame ! :slight_smile: Good luck bro.

Look at the bottom of the threads, there is an identical thread there.