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Beginner Programing

I’m making good progress (started January 1st), but wanted to check to see what you thought about my programming (just recently found this site). Simple linear-type progression model using a 20/10/2 rep scheme for all 5 lifts (the 20 rep set also acts as my warmup). Full-body workout 3 days a week doing squat, bench, deadlift, seated press (behind the neck), & Pendlay row (suppinated). No isolation work or cardio right now.

My main goal is size with whatever fat loss I can get through lifting & a better diet. I plan to do this until progress stalls then try more advanced things.

BTW, I’ll be 60 in June & on low-dose TRT.

Well, for noobs pretty much everything works. But I like what you’re doing because you’re just cruising on the basics right now and that will go a long, long ways at first. So I like it. Keep at it for as long as possible. And it’s awesome that you’re in there clanging and bangin at 60.

Much appreciated, Paul.


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May I ask you Paul,

how would beginner use yours protocols or what would you suggest step by step.

  1. Typical program for beginners GZCL LP, Stronglifts, Starting strenght or another programs (0 - 6 months, could be more)

  2. Inception (12 weeks or more)

  3. Super soldier protocol ( 8 weeks or more)

  4. Guaranteed MM (8 weeks or more)

  5. Again SSP then GMM etc.?

Main goal is size, but I believe with this Id gain strenght as well. Right now I am at point 1. (squat under 225 lbs, BP 180 lbs, Chins 3x) and I want to stay there when I achieve 225 lbs squat.


I would suggest a beginner get the Inception manual and read it.

Just do these for 6-10 weeks max/until first stall then move on to Paul’s programs/Inception