Beginner Program for Strength?

Hi! I am sure this question has been asked 1 gazillion times, but somehow the search option doesnt like my browsers jscript settings or sth so the search doesnt work properly: What do you guys recommend for a beginner who is interested in strength (not specifically powerlifting) that gives me a good overall base (I think I wanna get into strongman in some years)?

Grey Skull LP will work just fine.

5/3/1 is commonly recommended on these forums and a lot of people have success with it. You also have access to the author himself and any question you could think of in the 5/3/1 forum here. It’s worth reading the book even if you don’t do the program.
Other options are greyskull lp, west side for skinny bastards, juggernaut method and cube to name a few. All programs written by a reputable coach will work as long as you follow them correctly and eat well.

For someone just starting out who’s interested in strengthStarting Strength can be a good choice. I discussed the pros and cons of the program here.

What are your current stats: Height, weight, general fat level, any previous lifting experience?

Also, you need to check the email account you have listed in your profile. You have a message there (regarding your general account, not this topic specifically).

If you know how to already perform the lifts anything involving progressive overload will work. If you don’t know how to perform most basic lifts properly - Starting strength or any program that forces you to do them multiple times a week. I wouldn’t push it indeffinetely like some people recommend on starting strength but long enough 1-3 months or so to get the basics of form down.

I adressed that about my account, thanks.
My stats are: 72kg (160lbs), decently lean (sixpack visible, but not much), Im 174cm tall (5’9). I squat 90x7 (about 200lbs), bench 70x5 (155) and deadlift 130x3 (285lbs) at the moment. Ive been training for about a year (but mostly stupid routines).

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Gotcha. So you’re not totally a beginner, you do have some kind of base already. That can slightly change what plan you go with. (Pretty much all the plans suggested so far would still apply though, so there’s no real wrong choice).

Do you have specific goals you’re looking at, other than just vaguely getting stronger?

Yes, I do have specific goals:
To crush my enemies, see them driven before me and to hear the lamentations of their women. Jk, I dont have specific goals, I dont wanna compete in any strength sport in the near future because I already compete in boxing (locally in a rural area, not serious) , so I have no desire to compete atm. I wanna build a nice strength base and then do some powerbuilding till I die. Thats pretty much it. Did I understand your question correctly?

Ha, yes and no. I was trying to get at specific goals and goal setting, like the S.M.A.R.T. approach.

Instead of “build a nice strength base”, which is subjective and unfocused, something like “Squat 100kg x 10, overhead press 65kg x 5, deadlift 140kg x 5, all while weighing under 75kg.” Just a more narrowed down goal so you have better structure and context for everything from program duration to exercise choice to nutrition.

With those numbers try a 5x5 template for 3-6months like Texas method above, then move on to 5/3/1

Thank you so much for the great suggestions guys! Ive looked into the programs you suggested and I think I like GSLP the best because of the AMRAP.