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Beginner Program for Girlfriend

I love all your stuff and would like to get your opinion on something. My girlfriend is relatively new to strength training and wants to work out to look better but says she has no desire to get into powerlifting or anything like that, so solely for looks. She wants to lift 3-4 times a week and has some experience working out so she’s not a complete beginner. How would you structure a plan with sets and reps, I was think 2 upper and 2 lower days but unsure how to structure exercises and volume. Thank you for all your info, loving Base Building and SSP.

Not Paul, but this program worked great for my girlfriend:

It’s 5 days a week, one more optional day for conditioning.

Not quite what you’re looking for but it’s something. You can drop the full body day and just do the two lower, and two upper.

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Dude, I’d check my glute girls article and have her doing butt like, all the time.

There’s a few reasons for this.

Most girls want bigger butts like we want bigger traps or arms. So she’s be doing something she most likely enjoys, that isn’t based around meathead stuff.

As her butt grows she’ll most likely get excited and want to develop other parts of her body as well just out of interest.

Take her to a place where she can get excited (growing a bigger butt) and the rest will take care of itself. :slight_smile:


Thank you to both of you guys for responding. Will definitely check those out and get her on a plan. I’ll give an update in a few weeks time, thanks again.