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Beginner Prep School vs 5's Pro with FSL Superset

A few weeks ago I read a topic where Jim advised the topicstarter to do 5’s pro with 5x5 reps of FSL.
Squat/bench on one day.
Deadlift/press on other day.
First the main work for the two lift and then superset the FSL.

I superset the main work with pushups (squat), dips (deadlift), BOR (bench press) and dumbbell row (press).
After this I run an assistance circuit for a total of 50 reps pull, push and abs (minus the reps already suppersetted with the main work).
I feel the assistance at the end is a bit much.
In the topic Jim said: “This is our basic workout and we do this until one can achieve it without dying. Until then, we don’t do anything else because there is no work capacity and no ability to recover. So it’s pointless.”
So maybe the assistance is indeed to much (for this moment).

Today I was reading 5/3/1 from the beginning and noticed ‘Beginner Prep School’ is very much the same as the above with the following differences:

  • The FSL sets are done separately after the main work.
  • At the end there will be done assistance in a circuit (so actually like I do now).

Now I have the following thoughts/questions:

FSL sets:
Witch is preferable: seperatly after the main work or supersetted?

Like I said, I think the assistance at the end is a bit much. After the main and supplemental work the motivation to give it all is missing. Would it be ok to do the circuits on other days? Or is it the goal of ‘Beginner Prep School’ to create the capacity of doing a lot of work in a short time? And am I missing this point if I would do the assistance on other days?

In the mentioned topic Jim said “We can do both lifts (main work) in 30-40 minutes. And superset the FSL work in 11 minutes once you get in great shape.”
In ‘Beginner Prep School’ he says "So the two main lifts and their supplemental work should take you 30-36 minutes (15-18 minutes per lift). So what is done in 41-51 minutes in the topic (once you get in great shape!) should be done in 30-36 minutes now (this is a goal of beginner prep school).
Is’t that very fast for 3 warming up sets, 3 supersetted main sets (where rest is important) and 5 supersetted supplemental sets?

I apologise in advance for the difficult questions.
I don’t want to question a written template, but I want to get it a 100% right and want to incorporate the right choises in my program.

This is a whole wall of text, and full disclosure, I’ve read only about half of it.

If i understand correctly, you’re just looking to choose between the two approaches, in which case my answer is pick one, it doesn’t matter that much.

Yes I know.
I wanted to be compleet, but I can imagine it is not very inviting to read…