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Beginner Prep School Question

Do I need to be incorporating leader/anchor/7th Week Protocol into this or just follow the program until I squeeze all the juice out of it like I read Jim to suggest?

Ran this program for myself for a few months and i used the 7th week protocol but no leader/anchor periodisation. Jim didn’t give any leader/anchor template so I figured it’s just a straight program

Thanks for the input, j4gga2. I had suspected leader anchor didn’t really apply because of the way the assistance was laid out. Good notes on the 7th week, though.

What did you do for 7th week? Just reload or did you ever do testing or PR?

There is no Leader/Anchor - this is spelled out in the book and all the next necessary steps are outlined.

Just did the TM Test, I had squat and press TMs at 85% so I shot for 5 reps in those lift, whilst bench and deadlift TMs were 90% so I went for 3-5 reps in those. For the assistance I just did what I felt like (curls for the girls)

Hey Jim - two quick questions on this program (just got the Forever book a few days ago!):

  1. you mention doing sets of push-ups, chins, sit-ups, etc. between sets of the main lifts. For the assistance, are those push-up / chin-ups targets in the assistance circuit in addition to what you do between sets? (I’m doing 6x10 chins, 8x20 push-ups between sets currently).

  2. I plan to run this for as long as a can. Ultimately I’d like to add some mass (I’m 5’11" / 158…). What is your favorite program for building strength/mass from the new Forever programs once I’m ready to move on?

Thanks for the awesome work!

  1. Kind of depends on what the person can handle. I work with lots of kids who can’t do ONE push-up, so you have to tailor it to your current levels.

  2. Probably the Krypteia IF you do it exactly as planned/laid out. Our strength/size gains while improving conditioning/speed surprised me. But I have learned that the captain of the ship is as important as the build of the ship.

  1. Ok that makes sense. I have a history of running and doing bodyweight exercises, so I have no problem with your bodyweight standard tests or running/conditioning. I am, however, new to real barbell strength training…So still embarrassingly weak on that front.

  2. Awesome, I will give it a try sometime in the hopefully not to distant future. I will even do it as written!

Appreciate your reply and look forward to the journey!