Beginner Prep School Cycles

Beginner Prep School Question

My smooth brain is having a hard time understanding the BPS cycles.

In Forever, the lifts are divided into Week One and Week Two. So, it’s ABA and then BAB. I understand that part.

But then the book goes on to show percentages for three (3) weeks.

So, how does it all work?

Do you complete a two (2) week ABA-BAB with the Week 1 percentages? Then move on to a two (2) week ABA-BAB with Week 2 percentages and then Week 3?

Do you keep the same TM for all three weeks of percentages?

Maybe he meant to say Cycle instead of Week 1, 2, 3?

He answered it on here a while ago if you search. It’s a 2 week cycle instead of 3.

Week 1: Monday A1, Wednesday B1, Friday A2,
Week 2: Monday B2, Wednesday A3, Friday B3.

You increase training maxes after B3 and restart.