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Beginner Prep School - Assistance Work

Hey everyone, I have been running the Beginner program from Forever gor about 10 weeks. Its been good so far but i am finding im getting bored a bit of the bodyweight only assistance. After lifting (which i superset with pushups, facepulls, chins ect.) I run through the circuits from the examples in the book. What are thoughts on adding a broader range of 25-100 push pull leg/core work? Like DB incline, weighted chins/Dips, curls, ect? Should I just suck it up and stick with BW work as laid out or does it seem acceptable to add in some weighted work?


Why not finish the current cycle then choose a template that allows for freedom of assistance exercises?

Thats true. I was hoping to run this program for at least 16 weeks or more though. Maybe until i stop progressing as fast for these mini 2 week cycles. Then move on.