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Beginner Powerlifting Suggestion

Hi, I actually started lifting 3 years back but never really followed a program properly before. I have quite imbalanced/weak lifts since I only started squatting and deadlifting more frequently for the past 4 months or so…

I’ve read through SL quite thoroughly and skimmed through SS and 531, due to my imbalanced lifts I’m not sure where to start as I would most likely plateau on my bench if I did SL or SS

Current stats:
Bench: 100kg 3RM (with lift off), 90kg 8RM (without lift off)
Squat: 90kg 5RM (I know it’s insanely weak…)
Deadlift: 100kg 5RM (this one too…)

^ sorry for the depressing stats haha

If you really want to run starting strength then do it on all the lifts to begin with.

When your bench stalls move the bench onto something more advanced (I guess texas method) and keep the squat/deadlift on SS until you’re supposed to move on.

Imo there is plenty room for improvement on all lifts. Start SS and when you stall at your bench reset and do it again. Or if your looking for something different Candido’s beginner plan worked well for me.

Keep it all relatively light and work on good technique before adding weight.