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Beginner Powerlifting Program for Experienced Weightlifter?


Yeah, 6 weeks between deloads should be fine. Unless you are old, huge, or extremely strong you probably don’t need to deload after 3 weeks. Just don’t do too much assistance work and you should be fine.


Gotcha thx!


290 bench 315 sqaut doesn’t indicate I’m too top heavy ? Here’s pics of me before my bulk when I was sitting at 200 Uploading: 338E4559-0B73-4F29-8144-82B87CC538F1.png… Uploading: 66D41AD3-694F-4B1D-8A6D-8C0AFADB5934.png…

I’m much larger (fat and muscle) now than I wasn’t in these pics. I didn’t mean to imply that “my shoulders are too big” in comparison to any other person, but relative to MYSELF and my core lifts. I think it’s reasonable to focus on squatting rather than shoulders when my body resembles, well, an upside down triangle.


this is a bit brutal but well deserved for posting on a powerlifting forum lmao


It indicates that you have a weak bench and your squat really sucks. Unless your goal is to have a “balanced physique” or something like that, neglecting the one lift that you aren’t terrible at is not going to get you far. A good bench for your weight is in the 400s.


Exactly what Chris said.

I actually got to a 300 bench way before I got to a 300 squat, lol. Doesn’t really matter. Now my squat is a couple hundred lbs more than my bench. Once you start committing yourself to building your squat, it will improve faster than your bench, and things will work themselves out. Right now, you don’t have any lifts that would justify putting progress on hold to work on something else. I’d keep pushing all 3, with the expectation that balance will happen.